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  1. This is very very cool. Thank you very much! Now that I have got my old Wacom Intuos2 working on Yosemite again the fun goes on ;) God bless I have an old Mac Mini with SL on it ;)
  2. I'm known as being very modest :), so yes, if you could fix this and the way you merge text that should normally remain splitted, you would easily be able to strike through two todos from your huge list and make little ol' me very very happy :))
  3. I'm sorry, my bad. I already had sent some samples where the text was handled, so I couldn't really use it directly (text was merged into one, so editing broke it all.) Let me quickly attach a simple drawing I have made with Adobe Ideas. Like I said, I have no problem with any other app, neither on my iPad nor on my Mac, it's only AD. It's just this extra step which I don't like as this can always brake. In AD I have no grouped layers, so it's impossible to do any editing. I have to import it in iDraw, export as SVG and then import into AD. For the other thing (merging of text), please have a look at my other thread where I have attached all files and screenshots. And yes, I have toggled the preference switch. SchlafPilotSchlaf (1).pdf This is how it looks in iDraw so you have an idea.
  4. I know, tedious, not so spectacular like other feature wishes surely, but the pdf import is really really bad. I always import pdf's from Adobe Ideas (love this tool, shame on you Adobe for what you did with it) and I always have to import into Draw first, export as SVG and then import into AD. PDF-Import like it is now is really really ... bad (did I already mention this?) Well, really really bad ... top1 on my list of bad pdf importers, the worst, I think I said that already, sorry ... bad .... please fix please ...
  5. Oh great, thanks, at least I don't feel so abandoned with my bug now :) Was starting to feel invisible... You're still doing a great job. It's just that this bug is really annoying when dealing with text-heavy pdf's like I have to deal with. It's extremely difficult to edit text properly without killing the alignment.
  6. Hi, I already mentioned this bug in the beta-forum (same import-bug is in the newest beta, too) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/2184-affinity-designer-customer-beta-1019863/?p=9510, but nobody wants to react on it. I kind of get completely ignore, don't know why...? Now I read that there is a Preference and unticking "Favour editable text over fidelity" would help. It does help somewhat, that some text isn't misaligned anymore, but is not yet in one single layer. In the mentioned thread above, I explained about the difference how e.g. iDraw imports the file (one text per layer) and here's another screenshot showing all three single texts in one layer. The other screenshots and the pdf files are in the beta-thread. I sincerely hope that ANYBODY will have to say ANYTHING about this bug .. ;(