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  1. Thanks, it works now. But why does this happen only with a few files and not all the time?
  2. Hi, i have straighted and croped a picture and now it looks not as it should. Looks like cutted into small stripes (attachement). Exported jpg-files are fine and without the problem. Yesterday i had the same problem with another picture. I reopened the raw-file, developed it again, croped it again and everything looks fine. I have uploaded the afphoto-file, too. Maybe it is not a problem with AP but with my macbook.
  3. Hi, any idea how to draw a sine wave in AD? In Illustrator i found the zigzag filter which does a nice job. Maybe there is something similar in AD? Thanks for your help.
  4. thanks for the fast answer. I have tried this before and the millions of nodes are not very comfortable. I also tried the .svg file from Wikipedia which is better than the Grapher Version and works only with a few nodes. But the Illustrator version is the most elegant one with only one node on every peak. sinefromillustrator.afdesign
  5. Hi, i made a RAW file look fine in develop persona, clicked on develop and something magic happend: the result looks very bad as you can see in the attached files. I tried a few things and found out, that this only happens if the lens correction tool is unchecked. Open RAW file, develop, everything is OK. Open RAW file, uncheck lens correction, develop, nothing is OK. RAW files from EOS 350D, 20D and 40D, all the same Problem. Sure, there is a simple workaround but i think this should not happen. regards Ulli Werner PS.: I am not sure if "lens correction" is the right term because i'm using the german version. In the german version the feature is called "Objektivkorrektur"

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