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  1. Hi, I can not export a document with an adjustment layer (e.g. HSL, B/W, ...) as a PDF/X-3 or PDF/X-1a. Every other compatibility setting works fine. Thanks!
  2. spontaneous i found two ways to get something similary like in the example: 1: just put a colored rectangle above a B/W picture and change the blendmode of the rectangle to multiply 2: just use the "Umfärben" adjustment layer. Sorry, I do not know how it is called in the english version but i attached a screenshot of the dialog.
  3. Thanks! I knew that there must be a button for...
  4. Hi, on wich point exactly you are failling? I have tried technique 1 and 3 and made a quick sample file. Technique 1 doesn’t work very well becaus of the missing options for the noise in AD Technique 3 instead works very well only with AD and the pixel persona. I hope the sample file helps you, if not just ask. saltpepper.afdesign
  5. In the german version the different styles and weights of the typefaces get translatet. Sometimes. And that is the problem. For example "Light" gets "Leicht" but "Light Condensed" stays "Light Condensed" what sometimes gets a bit confusig.
  6. I found it! SORRY!
  7. I would like to have a simple possibility to copy and paste some plain text e.g. form MS Word without any textformating like colour, size, fonttype etc...
  8. Hi! one way to do this, is just to select and delete the background. There are some nice tutorials about how to make selections in Affinity Photo: Another (better) way to do this, is to mask the background. The advantage of this way is, that you can easily edit the mask later. I think this tutorial will help you how to work with layer masks: There are a lots of tutorials for Affinity Photo and they are very usefull for the beginning. You can find them here: https://affinity.serif.com/de/tutorials/photo/
  9. Hi, maybe it has been asked bevor but it worries me much often. Some values (e.g. color sliders) can be changed by arrow keys, some (e.g. font size) don't. Why doesn't this work everywhere in the app
  10. The adjustmen layer also ruins the colours. See in another discussion: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/20404-pdf-export-and-colours-what-went-wrong/
  11. Hi, I have exported a PDF-file with Designer and as you can see in the screenshot the colours look faded. Why? It is a CMYK document and the ISO Coated V2 300% Profile. Export settings are the PDF-X4 preset as you can see in the screenshot, too Thanks!
  12. Thanks a lot! Curiously I have not tried this bevore while the adjustment layer also makes other problems with pdf export (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/20405-ad-pdf-export-and-adjustment-layers/)
  13. Here it comes: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13340316/pdfexport.afdesign
  14. The background is not placed it is directly drawn in AD. Document settings see screenshot
  15. Wouldn't a PDF file work for exchange between the CAD software and Designer? Works mostly fine with Vectorworks.
  16. Hey, when i have two different font sizes in one element like on the screenshot, it is impossible to select the smaller text with the mouse. The cursor always jumps to the line above with the lager font size. Same problem with AD, AP, textframes and graphical text. Am I missing something or is it a bug?
  17. The perspective tool? See the attached screenhshot. Or the Live Perspective Filter:
  18. Same here, but i think it just would be nice to use the mouse/trackpad/etc. I have testet an extreme example in InDesign as you can see in the attaced screenshot. No problem to select the smaller letters. See "affinity.afdesign". As I already said, there are workarounds an possiblities to select but not as comfortable as I think it could be. affinity.afdesign
  19. No, because I'm talking about text within one textframe/textlayer/textelement.
  20. Sometimes. It depents on the font size of the upper textline and the distance of the lower one. It looks like that the individual lines are not on the same level and the upper one is always located in front of the lower one and the area to select one line is larger than the letters you can see. There are a lot of workarounds. Select via keyboard. Use two individual text elements. Zoom in.... But i think it would be fine to click on something you can see and select this piece. Sorry if it is not that easy to understand my thougts in english language.
  21. Have you activatet the assistant to apply a curve? Maybe then the result is more like the output of the other software. The screenshot is only in german language, but i think the layout should be the same so you can find the command.
  22. Hey, great work with the artboards, but there is something wrong with the guidelines on it. Everything is fine on the first artboard but the other artboards seem to use the same point of origin as the first one. For example a 50% guideline is not in the middle of the artboard, it is just in the middle of nowhere Another point is the use of percent values in the guideline dialog. In versin 1.3 you could simply type "%" or "mm" to create a guideline with a relative or an absolute value, but now i have to use the checkbox. WHY? THX! Designer 1.4 OS X 10.11.2
  23. Maybe you are using the crop tool in the develop persona? In the develop persona there is no apply button for the crop tool, just switch to any other tool in the toolbar to apply.

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