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  1. Have a disaster. Did a 7-page document and thought I was home free after sending PDF proof to customer. Went back in to edit and now every time I try to save the document, it crashes on me. If I try to do a 'save as', it also crashes. I rebooted, etc., no luck. Am unable to edit and save changes any more. Short of starting over, is there anything I can do? (Grief-stricken)

    Paintings 09-05-19.afpub

  2. When importing PDFs, is there any way to have text paragraphs stay intact as paragraphs, instead of breaking into individual lines? I want to convert a ton of docs done in InD but can't do this way as would be too much work. Also tables come across with individual cells as line segments. Any solution for that issue too?


  3. Any way to crop a publisher page WITHOUT going back to the setup pages? I do a lot of FB pages 5x7, but many do not "fill" the area so I have to save as PNG than crop that file. Would like to be able to crop the publisher page then just export to a correctly sized png or jpeg.

  4. Is there any way when opening a PDF table page that was done with InDesign's table utility that will maintain the table grid? I tried one simple table and it came over fine--size & dimensions of cells, etc., but all the rules, horizontal & verticle, were individual line segments. The box-heads were also separated objects and not "within" the table head areas.Methinks I may have to stay with InD for this kind of work. SHUCKS!

    Attached is source InD (CS6) doc, PDF created from same, and .afpub file result. Any ideas?


    A&A delivery receipt 06-14-19.indd

    A&A delivery receipt 06-14-19 REVPROOF.pdf

    A&A delivery receipt 06-14-19 REVPROOF.afpub


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