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  1. Yesterday I've found that when you apply the adjustment layer "selective color" for some reason the file size changes from 120mb to 30 mb...this is weird...nobody reported something similar?
  2. Good day!! I'm preparing some photos for huge print 300x240 cm. I start from a RAW file from my Canon 5D mark III. I develop it using canon software end I end up with a TIFF file that usually weights 120mb. I open this file in Affinity photo and when I export it (alway in TIFF rgb 16bit) the file only weights max 30mb...(the AF PHOTO project weights at least 350mb). This looks kind of strange to me and I fear I'm losing quality. I need to export at max quality for printing...I'm I doing something wrong? Please help
  3. It's a sort of sheet to cover the breast...she's a modest mermaid ;)
  4. Hi, I would like to share one of my first composition and color correction with Affinity Photo. It's my vision of a modern Mermaid. Watch it on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/gp/134512556@N02/Sg96dm Modern Mermaid.tiff
  5. Hi, I searched in the forum but I can't find the answer. Can someone post an official HOW TO install the Nik collection on Affinity Photo guide? Remember, I DON'T have photoshop so I can't install the plugin and than search in the folders the files to copy, I need a guide only for affinity photo. Thanks a lot PS: can someone at Serif contact Google and ask them to support natively Affinity Photo with their products :) ?

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