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  1. i just did try paint something else than usually
  2. thank you .. i still have to learn alot
  3. this is my first time when i did try paint portrait. First try in my life. Still is alot things which i have to learn
  4. this is your tehla on my photo .. thank you
  5. it is small Chateau in my country ... here is link where you can see it all how pretty it is without play in affinity chateau-doudleby-nad-orlici
  6. i did try play little bit with HDR
  7. maybe stupid ask from me ( i am sorry for that ) but did you try change win default programs? https://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/change-default-programs-on-windows-10.html you can set there back windows photo
  8. Romantic styles set ( again my own) on screen is only 20 styles one is small bonus. Free for use . 935367813_Romanticset.afstyles
  9. thank you i have to try it .. this was simply drops which did fall down from sky 😄 and really make picture when it rain is not much funny 😄 hahaha
  10. you're getting better and better. i really love last picture
  11. awesome work ! But tbh ... i did love him when he did get older for example in The Rock.
  12. your work with water effect was better before, here is for me very hard imagine that there is water. It look like when all is just on big mirror
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