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  1. EDIT: Ignore, please. I just discovered "expand stroke".
  2. tiltowait

    Closing an image that's been edited

    I was going to report the same thing. This behavior is different from any other application I can think of. (As a side note, I really wish Affinity would change the window's edited state if the current document has been edited. I'm so used to looking to the close button for that black dot that I never even think to look for the [M] in the tab bar. And if Affinity is fullscreen, you don't even get the [Modified] tag if there's only one document open.)
  3. Probably. I don't actually know what stacks is, but I saw "alignment" and got excited.
  4. One feature I really like in Pixelmator (and I think Photoshop) is that it has the option to automatically guess that you're laying out elements in equal distances from each other. This would be a really nice feature for Affinity Photo and Designer. Since I don't think I did a good job explaining it, I took a screenshot. (I was moving around the bottom ellipse; the cursor doesn't show up in the screenshot.) If that's still not sufficient, I can record a video.
  5. Sorry to dredge up an old post (of my own!), but I figured it would be better than making a new one. I noticed that the 1.4 updates that just came out today have a line about "Live Stacks - Auto-aligned layers for creating composites". That wouldn't, by any chance, be what I'm looking for, would it? I'm guessing not, but I can dream ...
  6. tiltowait

    Both apps: Missing Font

    Hi there, I have a font that I use for a lot of my work. This font has a number of weights: book, medium, demi, bold, and ultra. In every other app I use, all of the weights show up (including Font Book). In both apps, however, the "bold" weight doesn't show. Unfortunately, I use this weight a lot in headings and the like. The font in question is this one: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/itc/kabel/
  7. tiltowait

    Both apps: Missing Font

    Just wanted to bump this to say that this bug still exists in the latest 10.11 DP and Affinity 1.3.5.
  8. I'm confused about Pixel Size in the View menu. I have a retina MBP with a resolution of 2880x1800. If I create a new image at 1280x800 (WXGA preset) and select Pixel Size, it seems to display the pixels at 2x resolution rather than my native resolution (that is, the 1280x800 image takes up most of my display, as if it's rendering at 2560x1600). Is there no way just to see it in "non-retina" mode so that it takes up exactly 1280x800 pixels? I'm aware that I can change the DPI in document settings to match my display (220) and choose Actual Size, but that's pretty tedious when working with many images.
  9. In Photoshop, you can make a selection, hit V, then align the current layer based on that selection. Is there any way to do this in Affinity Photo? I found the Arrange button in the toolbar, but that only aligns based on the entire canvas, even with "selection bounds" selected. I'm dearly hoping that I'm just missing something...
  10. So long as you're not exporting at a lower resolution, PNG should be fine. I do recall some people reporting a bug with PNG export. I'm not sure if that has been resolved, or if it's even the issue you're having. For science, you might try exporting to a different format at the same resolution.
  11. I don't know about the Huion, but I know that many people love tablets using UC Logics digitizers. I'd be really tempted by the Monoprice tablet if the pen had an eraser. (The Huion page on Amazon doesn't mention UC Logics, but the pen looks similar. Could be the same thing.) A Cintiq alternative to look at is the Yiynova. As for the topic at hand, note that neither Affinity app yet works with rotation. Panning and zooming are both much smoother than Photoshop, so I hope this is added soon.
  12. Yosemite requires 64-bit processors. I know you can sometimes get OS X running on unofficially supported hardware, but I'd be really surprised if you could get it running on a 32-bit system.
  13. While the name is probably set, I too like Affinity Press.
  14. Most likely, you are using Nearest Neighbor (default) resizing. Try Lanczos non-separated (really, anything will be better than Nearest Neighbor, unless you're doing pixel art ...).
  15. tiltowait


    I agree that the GIMP has a poor UI. There used to be a fork that gave it a Photoshop-like UI, but I don't know if that's still a thing.
  16. tiltowait

    affinity lost respond on 10.11 dp5

    The current beta (of Affinity, not 10.11) fixes the issue! Just released today.
  17. +1 I saw the video from a while back, and it looks great. This feature would be a godsend in both Photo and Designer.
  18. tiltowait

    affinity lost respond on 10.11 dp5

    EDIT: My fix was only temporary, and the new beta solves it completely.
  19. I fixed this by deleting the app and its associated ~/Library files (with AppCleaner). Notes: 1. This deletes all your custom settings. 2. I only tried it with the customer beta. Edit: Sadly, this fix is only temporary.
  20. I'm thinking of upgrading from my Wacom Bamboo to an Intuos Pen & Touch. Will AP and AD also support the touch gestures for zooming in and panning? If not, I probably won't bother with the upgrade.
  21. Thanks for the reply. So from what you're saying, I shouldn't expect a 1:1 relationship with the gestures and actions on-screen?
  22. If you haven't yet, I would check out Scrivener or Ulysses. Scrivener has more features, but Ulysses is nicer to use.
  23. I wish that it would automatically switch methods based on whether you're shrinking or enlarging an image. Barring that, I wish that anything other than Nearest Neighbor was the default.