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    Sorry, I was away for a while. Did you received a satisfactory answer from another member? One way or another, let me know.
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    Excellent video. Problem solved finally. I'm very grateful. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and for being very patient. Being a francophone, my english is not up to par sometimes and you never critisize me for that and that was appreciated. Cheers
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    I'm studying your video and trying to find out the process on Affinity
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    cannot change text size and colour
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    problemm solved..many thanks
  7. Suddenly, when I click on "open with affinity", my picture appears on the bottom right of my screen (under transform etc..) but doesn't appear on the screen. First time it happens and I can't figure it out. Is it my iMacor have I touched the wrong key?
  8. Many thanks..it should work..I had the impression that when converting to jpeg format I was loosing the resize process. It seems that in order to print on canvas, I need to resize and convert to jpeg because apparently it wont work with pdf. Strange..
  9. I've resized some photo using inches (30 by 20 in.) and convert from af file to pdf file. Success. Now can I convert the pdf file to jpeg. If affirmative, how?
  10. Can I increase the resolution on a jpeg photo. If possible, how to do it?