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    Johnny Chin got a reaction from Kaung Myat in How to make arrow head in the end of line?   
    Hey guys,
    I new to Affinity Designer and I wanted to make folding line for my origami ebook folding instruction, but after draw the line I don't see the arrow head available, how to make it?
    I googled it, but some post mentioned that this feature not available yet? how come? for such a pro app still not available?
    Please help and reply ASAP!
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    Johnny Chin got a reaction from DavidSaide in How to draw perfect double arrow circle?   
    Hey guys,
    I want to draw a double circle arrow for my origami tutorial ebook, I used ronniemcbride method to create the arrow head, then I create a circle and convert it to curve and cut it into half and duplicate it to become the double arrow circle, like below, but the arrow head is crooked, how do I make perfect double circle arrow?
    Left: arrowhead brush created by me
    Right: arrowhead brush created by ronniemcbride