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  1. Thanks folks. Just gotta know where to look. So far Publisher is doing everything I need. Car123. I'd say most counties have their version of Boris.
  2. I have only recently downloaded Publisher. Going through it with an existing book file comparing its functions with Indesign. So far pretty impressed however one Indesign feature I can't locate is Find and Change. This is a very handy text tool for authors who may be near finishing a manuscript and decide they want to change a character's name or a misspelt word. Does it exist in Publisher? Perhaps it has another name.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I should read the blurbs more carefully. Anyway, all is well. I use Adobe CS6. Indesign provides for export to IDML. I'm an author and to be nice to the publishers I create my own book templates. I converted one of my manuscript files to IDML and opened it in Publisher. On a brief inspection it seems to present quite well. Will be interesting to see if has the same characteristics as the original IDD file. I'm a fan of Indesign and know it quite well but Adobe have just priced themselves out of the market. Now comes the onerous task of learning new software. Got
  4. Just bought Affinity Publisher because I'm hoping it's the answer to the problem of losing all my Adobe CS6 software once I upgrade to Mac Catalina or Big Sur. And I don't want to pay a fortune to rent Adobe CC. I was aware that Indesign files could be turned into pdfs and imported but this seemed a clunky way to get the files into Publisher. Then I heard that the new version of Publisher can just open Indesign flies. Great news. Tried to open them but Publisher does not recognise them. Am I missing something? Was my information wrong? Please help.
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