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  1. They PDFs are currently merged together by ESKO software. I opened the PDFs using each of the Affinity programs and they all display the PDF the same. What I see is the last page (blue ink) and white background, any of the other pages (black, blue, green) are all hidden under the white background of the blue page. I know the pages are there as I can see the red text lines indicating a possible spelling error. I think I may have found a workaround by selecting all layers and changing them to "darker colour". I'll crop down a file and upload when I'm back in the office.
  2. Thank you for the quick response, I'll keep my fingers crossed it will soon be available.
  3. I have some PDF that are created using 1-bit postscripts, each .ps is a separate ink, what you would expect to send to a lithographic printer. Each one has been converted to the correct ink (from black) and have been placed on top of each other in order. Using Acrobat I can force simulated overprint to all PDFs in the preferences and the opacity is removed (white background becomes transparent on all layers except the base layer). Is there a way of forcing this in the Affinity software? I couldn't find anything in the preferences. Thanks.
  4. Fairly new to the 1.9 suite of software and haven't found a function I was hoping to be available, could someone direct me, or tell me if it's in development. I'd like to be able to use Publisher within an automated workflow, perhaps using hotfolders to trigger an automated data merge and exported PDF. I can use Publisher data merge already using a CSV file and export the resulting PDF(s), but I'd like not to have to open the program to do this (removing human error). I'm led to believe Adobe's ID server has the same functionality, so I'm hoping AP has something similar. Or comm
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