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  1. Hi I already did elsewhere in the site but didn’t get a clear picture from the response. Hence. It does look like it isn’t a common issue I guess.
  2. Did you guys manage to download the sample files. Or at least find some clarity as to why they weren’t downloading. I had the same worry as stated above - that there was something wrong with the install. P.S. This, for the iPad version. Thanks!
  3. Ah ok thanks. Are you certain RAM can affect download speed. And how do you find the app to use otherwise. I am considering switching to the latest base model iPad. I am a beginner when it comes to design, so hopefully that should be enough. P.S. Will try the restart trick later.
  4. Hi I am unable to download the sample files provided in the Designer app on to my iPad. I managed to download one file but the others are getting stuck for impossibly long periods of time. Agreed this is not a major issue but it has me worried about whether there is some larger issue at work. Esp since I am to totally new to Affinity. Any ideas? I am using an iPad Air 2, the device is old but the app seems to run okay on it. Also, there is enough space on the device and the connection is all right too, so it can’t be those issues. Thanks!
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