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    Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Photo Composition, Mountain Bike, Outdoor Filming and Photo Shooting, Offering Taylor Made Mountain Bike Vacation, MTB Driving Instructor

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About Me

Greetings, I'm Roland.


Photo editing addict. Pro retouching model and fashion shootings, photorealistic compositing, photography (landscape, fine art, outdoor, sports, portrait). Translator for technical tutorials English ↔ German. MTB guide and photographer in Principality of Liechtenstein and Finale Ligure.


Please send a mail on business requests, many thanks!


If you find the time to read the full story, please enjoy below.


Made April 14th 1964. After an apprentice as draftsman, I studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated M.Sc., followed by a post graduation as Industrial Engineer. Getting in touch with one of the first PCs in the company I made my apprentice (1980-84), I became computer addict at once.

Along with my official graduation I became an autodidact nerd and was developing software for a leading industry brand in Liechtenstein for 10 years in Pascal, C and Fortran. Yes, of course I added meanwhile Swift 2  :D (if you have old Pascal, C or Fortran code to be translated into Swift 2, do not hesitate to contact me). There, I was also responsible as "one man show" for the Novell network (in the early 90's no problem: you could focus 95% on your origin profession for compliance "and so" only 5% were necessary, today it's flipped: 95% are blown up to handle boring compliance and only 5% left to do what you're originally hired for) and became interested in system administration.

So, - also autodidact - I became a Unix nerd and moved into a major Bank as sysadmin for Solaris, AIX and several Linux distributions, being responsible as specially for the trading systems, hold mail and letter of credit applications. In 2005 Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed, but don't panic, this is no problem, if I feel an episode is ahead, I get on the mountain bike - doing a good mix of condition, power and balance workouts - and after one hour or two, all problems are fixed, the damages in the CNS are bypassed and I can get back to office without need to swallow the poison (available drugs only suppress the symptoms but do not heal) pharmaceutical giants and doctors want you to. Brain can help itself. Unfortunately no major company in Liechtenstein accepts to make your turns on the bike if it's needed, so, I decided to quit and start up my own business with www.pipobike.com.

Because I also want to work if I have no guests, I was looking for diversification, making so much fun to me, I could work 24 hrs on it. No problem: Since being a child, I was all of my life addicted to art, photography an film making. With Affinity Designer and Photo I got now the tools of my dreams and I already very deep dived into this both products. So, I am now also freelancing and recommend myself for photo retouching and transferring your sketches into Designer. Orders welcome   :). Also translations Technical English <==> Technical German: based on my former jobs, I have 35 years of experience in this, why waste this knowledge?

Cheers, Roland   :rolleyes:  :)

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