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  1. At least yours exports. My 220 page book won't export no matter what preset I use. Can't figure out for the life of me what the issue is. Even reading the crash report won't work
  2. Hi, I am still trying to figure out why application crashes during pdf export. I've tried ever preset and I either get an error, but no information or code as to why, or the whole app just closes. It is a 220 page graphic novel including cover.
  3. Hello, I am trying to export a graphic novel as a PDF and Affinity publisher keeps crashing midway through. I cannot figure out the issue. I tried to do some digging and stumbled onto obtaining these. I cannot read them though and am not sure I would know how to solve the problem if I could. The top is the most recent. I hope posting these helps. Thanks 8b0528dc-f73c-4a3c-8c2c-ed5a5ff15901.dmp 652a5e9f-ea6b-4a69-a883-c4463378e447.dmp 9516fad3-d7e4-4667-8548-2705783725f7.dmp ae326ad8-e737-4300-bed6-f4501eed9e6f.dmp
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