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  1. Hi Everyone - I'm new to design software and I've been creating a few things for friends that have repeating blocks of text with variations .. and I was wondering if any of you have examples of how you set up your workflow or if you have any tips to make my workflow better? A typical job I do is create tickets for shows. Each ticket will have the same price, address, logo, location, but the dates and times will change. Then that ticket is repeated 8 times on a sheet of paper. When I first started, I would do an individual design in a group with the dates on a layers grouped together inside the individual ticket layer. Then I would export each version by turning on/off layers .. it would require me to drill down several layers to find the date/time I wanted, then I'd have to repeat that action for the 7 other tickets on a page. Then I started creating layers of only my dates & times across all 8 tickets. So I only had 2 boxes to tick to switch the dates & times instead of changing 8 times .. but I noticed sometimes the structure or alignment would get messed up and it was difficult to fix. My latest job I used art boards to create an individual ticket with layers for each time/date, and then copied and pasted it 8 times on another board .. and turned off/on layers to get the variations. My questions: - is there was something dynamic or a time saving trick to replicating a small art board onto a larger board? - if you are a designer who handles a lot of these small text changes - how do you handle them? Thanks!
  2. Hiya! In 1.5 missing font alerts have been moved to a notification window which disappears before I can figure out which fonts I need to activate. Does anybody know where I can find this notification window? If that's not possible, what about changing the setting to how long the notification appears? Maybe it should be set to not auto close by default? Thanks!!
  3. Hi dalacv - I found this thread yesterday and bookmarked your course to check out today but your coupon has expired :) Any chance you will extend?
  4. Hi there - I want to create some vines for a project, is it possible for a gradient to follow a stroke along the curve or path? Right now when I apply a gradient to a stroke it seems to be a fixed angle (that I can rotate) but since my vine twists and turns, it applies to the curve as a whole rather then making it look like a 3d cylinder. Have any of created stems / vines / beanstalks and have any tips? Thanks!
  5. I'm having the same issues .. large file sizes and hearing the 'bong' when I go to export .. I've tried to rasterize layers and simplify designs .. but I'm guessing I'm not doing things the right way for this software. I posted my issue with another project that had bitmap fills in august Very Large File Size .. Bitmap Fills? But now I'm on another project and it quickly ended up 96megs.. I'm used to photoshop and leaving everything in layers .. I'm not using bitmap fills or saving history .. just layers, gradients, effects & styles .. I don't think my file size should be this large. I just rasterized a bunch of items and it knocked it down to 60+Mb but that's still bigger than I'm used to.
  6. I create a lot of simple design projects with MS Publisher for Mac .. well in 2016 for Mac, they took the Publisher view away. Now I'll be using Designer for these projects .. but I can't wait to see what Affinity's Publisher/Press brings to the table. ps I have Adobe Illustrator & Indesign .. but they're too complicated for the simple designs I need to create. Thanks Affinity.
  7. Thanks MEB .. I figured thats what was going on .. any ideas on how to apply a fill with using one instance of the file?
  8. This is my first time applying a bitmap pattern to a shape .. and I think I'm doing it wrong. I created a wood texture on these fire logs by using the bitmap fill and a high rez jpg file of wood grain. My afdesign file is 63.9 MB! If I change them to a solid fill, file size drops to 11.7MB (which I still think is high, but better). What am I doing wrong? I uploaded the giant file to my server if you want to take a look .. http://createdbyericalynn.com/imgs/fire_solo.afdesign
  9. Hey guys - I'm new to affinity & vector objects. I'm compound two shapes and I'm running into a problem. My outline shape has a miter join and the shape I'm joining has a round join. But once I do the compound, the new shape has a bevel or miter join where I want a round join .. but I can't change just this these corners .. (I assume because its now a compound) .. Any ideas on how I can get these two points rounded?
  10. I forgot to check the scale with object checkbox on some of my shapes and now they look terrible when scaled .. is there a way to update everything to scale with object rather then changing each curve/stroke/fx ?
  11. Thanks of your help everyone .. I think I'm going to have to do the math and try A_B_C's method.. my rings are a little more complicated then the dot example I posted .. but I'll let you know if I figure it out. I attached the real image I'm trying to add extra rings to :)
  12. Can anybody tell me any tricks or tips on how to make concentric circles of a shape? (actually its a curve not a shape). Basically I want expanding rings but I don't want to change the size of the shape. I tried using power duplicate but I'm finding it impossible to get the exact rotation degree needed to match up. Thanks in advance!
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