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    Action Figure Photography (iPad Pro)

    Thank you. I don't actually own any action figures. This character was borrowed for this test shoot. I'm not a collector, so spending money (they aren't cheap) on action figures that I will only need for a few days is a tough thing to do. When I was a kid, I had every single Star Wars character, ship, etc... and the same with the Transformers. All the originals from the first 3 films (Ep. 4, 5 & 6), but as I got older my brother and I destroyed them in a variety of stupid ways typical for kids. lol. I'm looking to others that have them and are comfortable loaning them to me for the shoots. I'll try and post some images of the studio I made. It's pretty simple; A PVC frame with white foam core board as the base and back wall. I plan on adding a swoop in the coming weeks, as soon as I find a suitable material. Makes photographing these little subjects a lot easier.
  2. Produced my first action figure photo shoot So much easier than working with real people! Action figure was photographed by me on a miniature photo studio I built, and lit with speed lights fired remotely using radio triggers. The background is stock. All elements were composited in Affinity Photo on my 10.5" iPad Pro.
  3. SoCalBagpiper

    Paintbrush delay

    I've noticed this too, though it hasn't caused me any major issues. It's a bit annoying but I guess I'm used it now. For the record, this does not happen in other apps as far as I can tell, but I don't have a ton to test. In Procreate this problem does not exist, at least for me. iPad Pro 10.5". Will be following...
  4. Well for reasons I cannot explain, it seems to be working as expected now. lol. I was pulling my hair out trying to manipulate a graphic into the space of a cell phone screen. On the desktop it took 10 seconds, but on the iPad I was having a ton of difficulty. Now, I read your reply, and try it again to take a screen shot and bam! It works fine. WTF? Haha. Nevermind.
  5. I think it'd be great for the perspective tool to work on the iPad in the same way it works on the desktop version. For example, on the DT version, I can grab each corner of a rectangle and place those corners wherever I need to. On the iPad ver. I can only move the entire shape into a perspective as a single unit.
  6. SoCalBagpiper

    Solitude No More

    Thank you, Bigby and AffinityJules.
  7. SoCalBagpiper

    Copy & Pasting Error

    OK, I'm a dork lol. I know how to paste a layer, been doing it for years. The problem was the layer I was copying was so much bigger than the document I was pasting into that the layer appeared blank even though the mask layer showed the correctly sized mask. Duh! So, once I realized that, I laughed (a little) and my problem went away. I'm so used to how things work/look in the desktop environment that I wrongly expect them to work/look the same way in the iPad/mobile environment. My bad. I'm still getting used to the differences in the UI. Anyway... nothing to see here. Moving along.
  8. SoCalBagpiper

    Copy & Pasting Error

    I'm copying the entire layer. I can copy the mask alone, and it will paste the mask as it's own layer. In this example, I need the entire layer, mask included. I don't want to copy and paste the rasterized, or masked part only. Take a look at the screen shot, you'll see the layer is blank but also has the mask as a child of the layer. So it's copying the layer and it's mask, but not copying the contents of the layer itself.
  9. SoCalBagpiper

    Solitude No More

    I just replaced it. Can ya see it now?
  10. SoCalBagpiper

    Solitude No More

    Here is the final image that I was having the crashing issue with a couple days ago. 100% iPad Pro with Affinity Photo. Hope ya like.
  11. SoCalBagpiper

    Copy & Pasting Error

    Not sure if this is a known issue, so I apologize if this has been discussed already. I have a new project folder, in that project folder I have (currently) 2 files. My main document which has only one layer at the moment, and a separate photo I'm masking my subject out in. I need to copy the masked layer of the subject into the document with the background. When I select the subject layer, select "copy" and attempt to paste this layer and it's mask into my background document, the layer and it's mask are pasted, but the actual subject in the layer is missing. This is repeatable without change. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  12. SoCalBagpiper

    Constant Crashing When Trying to Save... Corrupt File?

    Cool, thanks Patrick. Here's an update to my situation... I opened the file, cleared the history and reduced the amount of undo's in the preferences to 50. The file now works again with no apparent issues. I definitely believe clearing the history is what fixed it. I'm seeing others having success against crashing by reducing the amount of undo's so I'm hopeful this help as I move forward. I saved a crash report before doing the above operation, and since the file is now fixed, I'm not sure sending the file will do any good. Would it be benefit you guys to have the crash report? Thanks again!!
  13. SoCalBagpiper

    Constant Crashing When Trying to Save... Corrupt File?

    Hi Patrick, I can try this and let ya know. I can send the file to Serif, I just don't want to post it publicly. Thanks for the reply, I'll update soon.
  14. I've been putting the iPad version of AP through it's paces, working on the same projects I'd work on on my desktop. Up until yesterday, I've had only a few issue. Now I have a file with several hours invested in, multiple layers, masks, adjustment layers, etc... The file is now unable to save any edits. Specifically, when I make any change to the document regardless of complexity, i.e. just adding a blank layer, the file will not auto-save, allow me to go back to the project gallery, or really do anything. AP will crash instantly the moment I attempt to save or return to the gallery, every time. I thought the file may have been corrupted. Duplicating the file changed nothing. I finally saved the file to iCloud, opened it on my iMac, made a simple edit, saved it back to iCloud and re-imported back to iPad. This seems to have worked for now. I've seen another thread where someone had a similar issue and was able to address it in a similar way. I'd like to hear from the Admins and/or developers on this type if issue, specifically if they are aware and if this is a known bug that is being addressed. I have no problem sending crash data if possible, or the project file itself to the dev team. I won't post the project publicly for copyright reasons. Thanks for any assistance on the matter.
  15. SoCalBagpiper

    Crashing Constantly

    Yesterday I experienced this same issue. I have several hours invested into a project. All of a sudden every time I tried to go back to the gallery or auto save, AP would crash and I'd lose my work. I did exactly what was mentioned here. I saved the AP file to iCloud, opened on my iMac, made the edit I needed then saved it back to iCloud. Then re-imported back into AP on my iPad Pro and it seems to be working again.