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  1. here was my first attempt. Signatures.afdesign
  2. What is the best way to create an arc arrow in AD? I used the brush tool one of the forum participants posted but they take forever to make them smooth and perfectly rounded. They never look clean. Would love this option built in and easy...
  3. GentleGiantEd

    Creating Arrows

    Sooner the better. Been using this a while and seems I need it a lot in the internet marketing world and in drawing diagrams for business curriculum.
  4. GentleGiantEd

    Arrow Brush

    I don't have assets as an option.
  5. GentleGiantEd

    Arrow Brush

    How did you start the Arrow? Im not understanding from the diagram. Looks great. Also, if Affinity Design is seeing this please build this in I need arrows all the time...Because its not clear how to build them I waste a ton of time each time I need them. Thanks
  6. GentleGiantEd

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Ash, when will it be available in the iBook store? I am trying to eliminate all books I have to carry around. Happy to pay, I appreciate the hard work and look forward to studying this guide. Thanks
  7. I have a regular need to create visual processes. Right now the one Im working on has topics around like an imaginary circle. I'd like to have wide arrows following the circle to show the flow of steps to follow. What is the best way to create these arrows? A tutorial would be ideal. Thanks Ed
  8. gdenby, thanks for taking the time. I got it working. Watched all the videos on Affinity Designer on Lynda.com and Im off to the races now. Thanks again for your time! :)
  9. Im trying to create a diagram that is like a large circle only with the circle being made up of 3 arrows pointing clockwise. I don't see a "Tool" image that does this so I was wondering if anyone has a technique to do this? They are going to be "fat" or wide arrows where I will have text following the same contour inside the image. I have another post on how to get the text to follow the same contour. Thanks for any assistance in learning how to do this. Thanks
  10. Awesome. You just made my day.
  11. I thought there was an Affinity Designer forum but Im not seeing it now so I hope this is in the right place. I've drawn a circle in AD and am typing text on it. Problem is, the text is upside down. How do I flip it over so it's above the line? Thanks
  12. I switched over to Designer. Downloaded it yesterday so I could follow the training better. Im still trying to duplicate what you've shared above so thanks.
  13. Can I just use the Donut draw feature?
  14. GentleGiantEd

    Manual for affinity photo?

    Im looking for a manual for Affinity Photo but can't seem to locate one. Is there one and if so where can I download?
  15. Thanks. Which videos show how to make arrows that are following a full circle? Is there an arrow tool that allows me to attach the triangle to the end of a line?
  16. ok Im not seeing how to convert to a donut...is there a manual anywhere?
  17. assuming I can do this in Affinity Photo?
  18. very cool. Will try. thanks
  19. GentleGiantEd

    Typing on a Circle

    that would explain it! thanks
  20. I have a circular diagram I am creating and want to type inside on a line that follows the same contour. Is there a video on how to do this anywhere? Thanks Ed
  21. GentleGiantEd

    Typing on a Circle

    No. Using a powerbook Mac
  22. GentleGiantEd

    Typing on a Circle

    Yes, here is a screen cast http://www.screencast.com/t/OIhGGGVMv3
  23. GentleGiantEd

    Typing on a Circle

    MEB, is there a trick to getting the small wave? I have everything I can think of after drawing a circle and it never comes up.
  24. hi I took an image with a green screen background and removed the green with the selection bruch tool then did a mask layer. Now how to I touch up the edges around my hair where the green is still bleeding through? If there is a video on this I'd love to watch it. Thanks

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