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  1. For anyone else trying to find this, the solution is to right click on the layer and use the "Create Spare Channel" and then later to use "Load to ..." on the right click menu for the spare layer.
  2. Something I'm struggling with in Affinity is that I can't figure out how to copy and then paste the contents of one channel to another. Specifically I'm trying tocopy the contents of the RGB Red channel and then use it to replace the contents of the LAB Lightness channel. In PS or Gimp this would be trivial. Just select the channel, copy, change color mode, select the channel, paste. I've gotten as far as figuring how how to select the channel contents. I can create a new layer with them if I want for example. However I can't figure out how to replace the contents of one channel with either layer or selection. I feel like I'm just going about this wrong and that affinity has a different way of handling this. How does one do this in the affinity way?
  3. I see older (and closed posts about this) but none of them shine any light on my problem. When using any of the tools that require a source point (clone, heal, etc) I am unable to set the source. I depress the alt/option key and the cursor changes to the cross hair. I then click and the course is NOT set. Not marker shows up on the image. Attemting to use the tool then results in the modal dialog admonishing me to alt-click to set a source before starting. I'm working in a layer with a mask. I have the layer NOT the mask selected and to test I've disabled (unchecked) all other layers (including the mask on the layer in question). This has worked at least one for me previously. Not sure what changed or what is preventing it from working now. Seems like a bug but maybe there is something inobvious (i.e. a UI design bug) I need to do to make it work beyond just alt clicking?
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