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  1. @DelN Thank you for your very kind words 🙂 I also like different shades of red... two different visions:
  2. I don't often photograph mushrooms but I saw this tiny thing in a shadowy forest (APh 1.10 retail). I started to prepare a series of photographs to organize a portfolio (first a set of projects - Behance not to mention). I hope to be ready next week. If you want to follow my images, just check there from time to time. @Dan CI'm still having problems posting here and I often have to (had to) test several browsers... just to let you know.
  3. Hi, I am Mister Spike THORN! I have been cleaned, dodged & burned at some places, weirdly edited, and finally transformed in B&W to highlight my overall shape and texture. I might not be very attractive here at Serif forum but hope you’ll find me a little pretty 😂😁 Have a nice day, Spike
  4. One picture among those I edited for a B&W collection (1.10 retail):
  5. I wish you the best for next year !🙂 (beauty of nature, let us protect it) Patrick
  6. @StuartRc Humbly glad that my pictures inspire you a little bit ☺️ Well, I'm currently writing a (photo) book on biodiversity and I plan to translate it into English afterwards. I would be very happy you consider to insert some of your art in it. I will contact you by PM. Patrick
  7. Superb Stuart as always 👍 We are dealing with similar themes (biomes/biodiversity) in a different way 😉
  8. I tried to find something original (tiny specimen but make them like trees, edited in 1.10). I wish you a Merry Christmas (& covid-safe of course). Hope to read you next year... Patrick
  9. Thank you Jennifer. I'm glad you like these pictures, it encourages me to continue here on this forum 🙂 Here is an orchid picture that I think I have already shown before but I re-edited in ver. 1.10 (I try to finalize some of them to enter a photo contest just for fun). I like the composition (they are like small creatures looking around...). And another one for composition too (of course, not an orchid)
  10. Firefox is my current and usual browser (I only use Chrome for work e.g. Blackboard). This time from M Edge... let see if I can post : thank you Dan 🙂
  11. Thank you Mark. Happy you like these photos. Most of the time, I can not post nor upload and I get "upload failed - Error -200"... no idea how to solve this issue. This time I use another browser.
  12. Final new upload test... if I have to clean the cache (and/or the cookies) every time, it becomes a bit heavy to use this forum after the update. But apparently, I am the only one having issues. If it is fine, easy ones 🙂 :
  13. impossible to download/upload again... I think I'll end it here.
  14. Strange this forum now. I can't post or download an image in any browser and then suddenly it seems to work again...
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