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  1. Are you kidding? Affinity hasn't figured out how to make the booklet printing work on a Mac? I have to manually feed the odd and even pages in there? Dealbreaker.
  2. So... why is it when I print a booklet (for a deadline, of course) the second page prints upside down?
  3. From the File menu, select Print. From the dialog, set your Paper Size, e.g. A4. In the Print Options pop-up menu, select Document Layout. From the Model pop-up menu, select 'Booklet'. This instructs the print process to impose the pages. In the Print Options pop-up menu, select Layout. From the Two-Sided pop-up menu*, choose 'Short-Edge Binding'. Click Print. (Doesn't work)
  4. I'm having this same issue! I've tried everything...nothing is working... I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this app so I could use it instead of InDesign...but small things like this...they kill my ambition.
  5. I have a bunch of these from when my father had a system in his agency -- a long time ago. I grew up in Los Angeles, and worked for ad agencies and VFX companies (some of the original ones like Novacom GRFX). I used to have to go to service bureaus to get type set... using a Linotype system (early early laser). I found boxes of those disks in a room...and asked if I could have them...cause they looked like they were being thrown out!...they said, "Yeah, sure... take 'em!" I did! And I love them. I also collect old computers.
  6. Thanks everyone... I'll keep doing it... When I was 11... I learned Wordstar.... now that was actually one of the oldest "page layout" apps... on DOS.
  7. So, I've pulled up my sleeves and dived into the styles..and I'm figuring out that they work like CSS on the web. One style can cascade down to the others... so I'll be continuing to learn how this works...and I'm (somewhat) confident that I'll get there in regards to the bullets...we'll see.
  8. "Rather than just ranting" - sometimes you need to let the developers know what the issue is.... and if this is in the form of a rant... well - sorry...long day. After spending 1 hour yesterday, plus another hour today trying to get this to work... sometimes you're just fed up and frustrated (I'm sure you all never ever feel this way)... When I'm this frustrated... I will at times end up writing a rant. I'm from LA...it's what we do. A user should not need this much "support" assistance and help getting bullets to work. I've attached a video. From the tutorials I've seen... you need to change the attributes here: To be fair...I've been using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign for ... well, a LONG time - since the 90's....but I'm a UI and industrial designer...so even though I have a design degree from a school in Pasadena, I haven't used InDesign for years... but creating bullets in InDesign is far easier. My tools are Rhino, Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator - etc. Sorry for the rant. But jeesh. Numbered lists...who would have known? screencast.mp4
  9. I've been pullling my hair out to get the bullets to work (justify correctly)...this feature in Affinity software is... one of the worst. I spent 30 minutes trying to get it to work (while on a deadline) - and I'm trying to use Affinity Publisher rather than InDesign - cause I really want to support this company for their fantastic products! ... that said ... not being able to get the bullets to work... this is just...not ok. And the tutorials online are horrendous... The guy doing it doesn't even show how to align them... really unfortunate. No tutorial or thread here shows how to actually make them work...and the thread I found has TONS of users complaining about how difficult they are to align correctly.... Can anyone show us how they work? How to align them? ... seriously... this is a huge thing - even though it seems like a small thing. I'd like to convince people (designers) that Affinity Publisher is better than InDesign...but when they run into issues like this... THIS SMALL THING... makes the difference... they WON'T be switching to Affinity. Why would they if such a small thing is so hard to do?
  10. You know what? This is BS.... this is just too difficult and that's not OK...they need to fix this. Honestly...this should NOT BE THIS HARD...come on.
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