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  1. Hi 1) Moved Affinity Photo to the trash, emptied it and restarted the mac. Then reinstalled Affinity Photos again, but still no brushes. 2) The drop down box in the Brushes Panel is also empty.
  2. The mac is updating my Photos library right now, will try your suggestion tomorrow.
  3. Hi MEB, Check all items and pressed clear. Still no brushes.
  4. I clicked on it and nothing happen.
  5. Using 1.4.3 I have an empty brushes panel, with nothing to select from. Neither 1) "Reset Brushes" in preferences or 2) reinstalling affinity photo bring the brushes back.
  6. Hi R C-R, Really appreciate your information.
  7. Hi R C-R I have restored my OS to 10.11.5, and don't have access to a working 10.11.6 revision right now. I do remember the problem only occurs with Affinity Photo exported TIFF. When I was using 10.11.6, I had exported very large 16 bits TIFF from Apple Photos App, and they were displayed correctly on Finder and Preview.
  8. Hello, There is another thread about this issue: https://affinity.ser...-by-os-x-10116/ The problem is only seen with 16 bits TIFF (in my experience), 8 bits TIFF images are displayed correctly. My TIFF images are exported from Affinity Photo.
  9. Hello, I restored the OS back to El Capitan 10.11.5, and the problem goes away. Size of my TIFF images posted above are around 60MB.
  10. I seen the same problem after OS X update (to 10.11.6) on 23 Jul. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/22829-tiff-files-not-displayed-by-os-x-10116/ I restored the OS with Time Machine to OS X 10.11.5, and the problem goes away.
  11. After updated to OS X 10.11.6 today, my iMac can no longer displayed 16 bits TIFF files created by Affinity Photos. Those same files were properly displayed by either Preview or Photos just yesterday. They now appear totally black or totally white in Finder, Preview or Apple Photos App. But re-import those files into Affinity Photos, they are displayed correctly again. On the other hand, 16 bits TIFF images exported by Apple Photos app from RAW masters are displayed correctly. Also, JPEG or 8 bits TIFF are okay.
  12. Hi pete, Not sure what the issue is. May be try this: Create a new Folder B on desktop 1) Open Automator 2) File-->New 3) Choose Folder Action 4) On the very top, choose Folder B 5) From "Finder" items, drag "Open finder items" to the right 6) Choose "Photos" as the Application 7) Save Lau
  13. Hi pete, To create the Folder B: 1) Open Automator 2) Choose Folder Action 3) On the very top, choose a folder (you can name it Folder B or anything you like) 4) From "Finder items", drag "Open finder items" to the right 5) Choose "Photos" as the Application 6) Save Be sure to use the "export" function in Affinity Photo, to export either JEPG, TIFF or PSD files to Folder B. Save/Save as to Folder B will not work, as Photos can not read .afphoto files. Lau
  14. Hi, I have export a edited image from Affinity Photo to Folder B as a PSD file. Photos was able to correctly import the file. I reopened the PSD file with Affinity Photo and the layers and masks are still there. But I am not use if it make any different saving an Affinity Photo document as a PSD vs .afphoto file. Lau
  15. Hi guys, I think I have found the problem. Use the "export" function to export file from Photos to Folder A---> Affinity Photo. Likewise, only use the "export" function to export edited file (JEPG or TIFF) from Affinity Photo to Folder B--->Photos If you use "Save" or "Save as", then it won't work. If Save/Save as to Folder B, Photos apps cannot read the .afphoto file from affinity photo. If Save/Save as to folder A, an error message will occur. You have to save the .afphoto files on another folder. Lai
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