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  1. Here is a screenshot of a recent document that I created just after updating to 2.2.1. On the first screen shot you can see the strange white lines that appear at the bottom and right edges of the design. Upon zooming in, you can see on the second image that those lines are not part of the design, they just appear as artifacts when you are zooming out. I believe this behavior was not present in the last version. It is distracting and somewhat annoying. Hopefully it's something that can be addressed and fixed. MBP14" Monterey.
  2. Same here, switching between external monitor (Apple Thunderbolt Display) to MPB 14" results in an inappropriate screen size that hides the tools and is hard to reset from. The studio presets are not working. Had to do all sorts of workarounds to regain control of my windows. This is only happening after updating to the most recent version. 2.2.1. Posting here to be notified when there is a fix.
  3. Thanks again for your suggestions. This text item or selection has been copied again and again from many previous versions of this design that I update regularly (it's a flyer for recurrent events). It has been copied from one artboard and pasted into a new design no less than 10 times during Designer v1.xx era, and is just exhibiting this odd behavior since I upgraded to Designer 2.x.x. I still can't shake the feeling that some bug is at work here. To make matters worse, yesterday I was working with some textures that (curves) that I imported from an Illustrator file and while grouping them, the whole artboard got corrupted and displayed random black rectangles across the screen. I had to save, quit and reopen in order to continue working. Sad I didn't take a screenshot, but take my word for it, something went afoul in the program. If it is a widespread issue, hopefully it gets properly documented and reported so that developers look into it. If it happens again, I will document it. Anyway, your suggestion helped for now. Best!
  4. Thanks. That did work, but it set my text selection back to default Arial 12pt txt. While it got rid of the unwanted yellow box, I still wonder why it appeared in the first place, and the solution set me back way farther than I intended. Anyway, I learned a bit from your suggestion, and will be playing the REVERT function further in order to familiarize myself with it. Thanks a lot!
  5. I was working on a document and all of a sudden, the text that I was manipulating developed a colored background box behind it. I switched to the Artistic Text Tool and now all text I type has this unwanted background. I have looked at all character options to see if I somehow triggered this style by mistake, but have not found anything. I had to copy the non text elements from my document to a new document in order to work with clean text again. That worked. On the other hand, copying the text elements to a new document kept this unwanted formatting. I then converted the text to curves and was able to separate the characters from their unwanted box, which I can now manipulate as a square (curve). Please let me know if it is a bug or some mistake on my part. Here is a screenshot of the affected text. Thanks! Macbook Pro M1 Pro, Mac OS Monterey 12.6.8. Affinity Designer 2 v. 2.1.1,
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