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  1. Try entering 99999 (or anything bigger than the actual size) for both dimensions and checking "A". The resizer won't touch anything that's already smaller than the set dimensions. edit: But leaving the fields blank does work, at least for me.
  2. New features have been added to 1.9.x several times now, see the change logs. So knowing what is actually being worked on would help people decide whether it's worth putting up with slow workarounds for a while because it'll be fixed eventually or whether they'd better stay with whatever they're using now. If you're 10 days away from being locked into the Adobe ecosystem for another year you need decide rather quickly . Again, I would absolutely love to make AP my do-it-all editor, both because of the non-destructive editing and because it's noticeably faster than PS, especially with HW a
  3. Not to users because the road maps aren't public. No 2.0 then? OK. I don't mind keeping the current features in 1.x as long as something actually happens at least to the tool defaults (which are by far the most annoying and already have been talked about several times) and the Node tool (which shouldn't take more than changing the modifier key and/or the shortcut add a node to something else so that they don't interefere with each other). My point was that I don't expect to get large feature updates for "free". I wouldn't mind spending more money on a new version just to get the
  4. I just mentioned this in a different post. The problem is that the Node tool uses the Ctrl + Click shortcut to delete a segment. So when you call is from the Pen, it sees Ctrl pressed and does exactly what it was told to do, i.e. deletes the segment. Shift + P to the "full" Node tool and it works just fine because you're no longer holding Ctrl. It's like they didn't even test it...
  5. It's not just about the features. Hobby photographers may be fine with things taking more time if it means not having to pay for Photoshop, but for people like I who edit for a living and get paid per photo the money saved on the software is less than what they lose by cutting their productivity in half because of all the extra steps and workarounds they need to achieve the same end result.
  6. So you want me to buy Designer and then switch back and forth just to get this one feature that would still be slower to use than what PS can do "out of the box" (3 clicks :right-click a path -> Stroke Path -> confirm)? I don't really need pressure changes, but I need to change the hardness, and sometimes the color, without having to go through several menus each time I need to use it. Doesn't work on Windows. It just deletes the segment you click on. Alt doesn't work either. And just left-clicking on the path completes the path to wherever you clicked. PS can figure out
  7. I photograph and retouch rings and other jewellery. I've bought AP with the intention of getting rid of 12€/month Photoshop. However, while there are (more or less annoying and slow) workarounds for some of the missing features, there are a few things that AP simply can't do, which is rather infuriating because it means that I still have to keep paying Adobe to get them in PS. So here's a list: 1. A way to stroke a curve or at least to use it as a guide for a brush. Every now and then I end up with a photo that looks a bit too flat. To make the edges a bit more visible I create a path (cu
  8. Photoshop's Curvature Pen (added last year IIRC) does exactly this, and it can also add a new node to an existing curve/path without switching to a different tool. It's the one tool that makes me think about going back to PS because I use it a lot to make smooth selections and doing it AP's way takes 3+ times the time.
  9. Here's a thread about this exact thing from 2018: is Crop to selection possible - Page 9 - Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows) - Affinity | Forum (serif.com) As someone in that thread pointed out, all that needs to be done is to make the crop tool snap to the selection if you press Enter/Return without changing the crop box (in PS it's Enter/Return to snap and preview, then again to confirm and crop). The cropping tool itself doesn't need to be changed in any way, just the input. And even the snapping is already there (Snapping - Snap to pixel selection bounds will do exacly t
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