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  1. wow, guys, thank you so much for this support. I will start the editing in a few days, taking into consideration your advices. @jmwellborn I really appreciate you taking the time for this. I will also try masking and exposure adjustments as @Old Bruce suggested, hopefully I will get an acceptable quality for these images. I will post the results here, after I find the right solution from your suggestions.
  2. Hi, I have around 20 panoramic photos that I need to increase the colours and brightness (read about denoise, clarity, vibrance and saturation, curves and contrasts but could not find the right way), and the bright light from the windows makes my eyes heart. Any suggestion on how to remove the bright light coming from the windows (even the ceiling lights have a powerful glow) and separately increase colours and quality in the rest of the photos? I tried to select the windows and apply a separate brightness and contrast but it still didn't look good. Any suggestion of correct w
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