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  1. This forum is just great - you folks are so helpful. Thanks to all who have given me solutions to my teething troubles.
  2. Hi user_0815. Thank you, that's got it. Obvious now you say it but it had me foxed for quite a while.
  3. I want to copy and cut out the selected area and paste it into a new layer. Thereby removing it from what had been its surroundings. So I've created a selection using the freehand tool over an image. I have my boundary of marching ants. But I cannot copy just the part I have selected. This is straightforward in Photoshop - so what am I doing wrong?
  4. Is there any way I can draw a line of controlled variable thickness? I've tried playing with the Size Variance slider in the Brush Tools pop-up, but it appears to have little or no effect. What am I missing?
  5. Thanks Loukash. Alas (at least on the document I was having all that trouble with) the tool doesn't select anything no matter how simple, unless I'm in Outline Mode, and the nnotrelably. So, I have ditched the document and started from scratch in a fresh new document and all is working fine. I take the point about layers, but it would be nice to merge them if required. There are times when it might be very useful. I'll check out the assign keyboard shortcut in due course, but, meanwhile, your suggestion to look in the Preferences meant I found the "CAnvas Rotation" toggle switc
  6. Thanks loukash and Sean P, I've realized that trying to work on imported pdfs is not a good idea, for all the reasons you cite - for example, several items of text appeared with the outline of the whole word on one layer and the fill of each letter as a separate layer! I mean - that way madness lies. But it still doesn't really explain why the tool box doesn't work. If I switched to Outline mode, I could select things (fairly) easily but I could select nothing if I was in Vector mode. I'm sorry, but that is just weird. But, since I don't expect to be working again on recovered A
  7. Ah ha! I may have found the answer myself. It seems (so far), that this "bug" only happens when working on .pdf files imported from Adobe Illustrator. Which is fair enough, I suppose. When I create a new document the problem goes away, and the Selection/Move Tool behaves as it should. Having said that, it would still be very handy if we could scroll through the Layers Menu using the arrow keys
  8. I'm new to Affinity but I have been using Designer intensively for the last two weeks, so I am getting the hang of it. However a problem I experienced from the start, is now getting worse: I cannot make the Selector/Move Tool select anything unless I'm in Outline View, and then it's still very uncertain. Which is clearly absurd. Not to be able to select an object on screen is maddening particularly if you have multiple layers - which I cannot imagine not having since the software makes a new layer out of every object (which is also very irritating at times). And I cannot even scroll throu
  9. Yup - that's got it. Thanks again. I thought I was going mad! This software is so good, I couldn't believe it was a fault. JasD
  10. As you can see - I've got the Align to Outside selected, but the line still runs determinedly through the center. The End Stop, and Corner options all work fine.
  11. Command+click. Brilliant, that's got it. Thanks so much, it was driving me crazy.l But, while we're talking, I've met another problem which is that I can't make the Stoke Alignment tools do anything. My line doggedly follows the center line no matter what I try. And thanks for the clarification about Art-boards and Canvases
  12. Hi again Walt. Thanks again. Here's a shot of the whole Affinity window. I've just clicked on the pale purple broken line in the center, and, as you can see, it has selected the group but not the object.
  13. Hi Walt, thanks so much for the speedy response. I've always been slightly hazy about what constitutes an art-board; what I mean in case is simply the file/page/image that I'm currently working on: items on a white rectangle surrounded by black. I've tried enabling and disabling the Edit All Layers icon as you suggest, but this has made no difference either way. If I move the tool to the object and click it selects that group but not the individual item. It might be useful to know that I am editing a pdf originally created in Adobe Illustrator, but, while it opens with a whole l
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