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  1. Not so sure Fixx. There is access to channels see various video tutorials. Before Alfred came up with his solution, working with an RGB file I made three copies of the base layer and cleared the red, green and blue channels respectively giving me simulated C, M and Y layers. Enlarged the canvas and de-registered the layers, lighten blend mode (I think). Anyway iI now have something that looks like out of register CMY. d.
  2. I would like to produce a piece of art with the cyan yellow and magenta channels slightly moved with respect to each other as if printing was out of register. I have switched the document to CMYK colour mode, made three copies of the base pixel layer and then tried to clear the colours I didn't want from each of these layers. However having cleared the yellow magenta and black channels from my cyan layer I have grey layer. Now presumably the intensity of the grey represents the intensity of the cyan - but I would actually like it to appear cyan-coloured. Can I do this in CMYK? Or do I need to resort to the double inversion method used in the technicolor simulation tutorial? d.
  3. Thanks everyone I've got it now. I did eventually find reference to break curve, but it's not easy to find because it's only a small icon, not on any menu I could find and not mentioned in the first two hits in the help system either! Anyway, sorted and sanity restored! Thanks again d.
  4. I've been struggling with this for a couple of hours so time to ask here... I want half a circle (open - a line) - not a D shape. When I apply divide to a rectangle and a circle I get a D shape. I now want to get rid of the straight bit. Convert to curves won't let me delete the line segment I want to. Any ideas chaps?
  5. Hmmmm; OK, found it, it's the Move tool. d.
  6. Hi Callum I have a similar problem and am not sure Resize Document is the answer. I want to superimpose one photo over another, but the front layer is too big - I want to reduce that in size so it has the correct proportions to make the montage. David
  7. Thanks Callum Worried I was missing something obvious. New version on App Store, so I'll get that. ta d.
  8. I foolishly clicked into the Develop person and can't escape. I get the above error message with the options "OK" and "Develop" - not Commit or Cancel. If I accept OK I go round in a circle back to the original message whn I try to get back to normal editing If I accept Develop then Cancel - guess what - same old error message David
  9. Hi Andy Looks good; but the tutorials focus on purely photographic operations. I happen to use another tool for asset management and photo editing, but bought Affinity Photo for those little jobs involving blending text, shapes and photos as I find Gimp too difficult. Will tutorials for that follow? Regards David Edge
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