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  1. Image generated in MidJourney and retouched with Affinity Photo > see before/after
  2. Very interesting results... very goods for pc wallpapers...
  3. We did not make major changes, we corrected some buildings, we added windows, the sky that had many imperfections, color adjustments and we increased the size of the image, we did not do more because we wanted to see how the community reacted, since it is the first work we do with this technology
  4. We didn't keep the original image, as it was just a test, and we wanted to see how much the community liked it.
  5. Well, we think different It only remains to learn this technology
  6. If it only takes 10 seconds and 10 words, you can easily do this without copying or viewing other artist prompts.
  7. What happens with AI now is the same thing that happened with painters when Photoshop arrived, they said that those who used it were not real artists, and now many traditional painters use digital as well as traditional. It's not just putting words, it's knowing what words and in what order to use them. Yes, it is true that it requires less effort than doing it from scratch, but it seems to us to be a good help tool and to save time in some cases.
  8. For everything you have know, even to put the prompts and create something better than the rest you have to know, we have been testing it and it is not so easy to do something coherent and good, also it always needs retouch some details We don't see AI as something bad, they can even serve as inspiration for a completely original work, or mix both images to create a better one.
  9. For that we post the link at the original work, in the description of Artstation we put it AI jobs come out of the human mind, AI doesn't do it alone, you have to tell it what you want and how you want it, we liked it as a tool, to save time on some jobs By the way, we updated the work description, is the same of the Artstation.
  10. For that we post the link at the original work, in the description of Artstation we put it
  11. Yes, IA generated and retouched with Affinity Photo in Artstation and in this forum we mention it AI is not bad, it is just another work tool
  12. Yes, we pay a subscription to the AI, and the results are amazing, although it depends a lot of the prompts that you use
  13. Image generated in MidJourney and retouched with Affinity Photo Artstation > https://www.artstation.com/artwork/14vObZ
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