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  1. Another vote for Apple Motion and Final Cut as an alternative to Premiere Pro. FCPX is lightning fast.
  2. From the sound of it you may be looking directly at the Affinity Vimeo channel. Here are the "index" pages : Photo: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-in-house-affinity-photo-video-tutorials/ Designer: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10815-in-house-affinity-designer-video-tutorials/ Jonathan
  3. Jonathan D

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Will there be a similar book for Affinity Photo ? Jonathan
  4. Before exporting to PSD set the colour format to 8 bit. Document > Colour Format > 8 bit (RGB).
  5. Jonathan D

    DAM Like lightroom or aperture....

    As soon as possible please as I can't wait to dump Adobe. I use Lightroom to manage my photos and I like it. But I'm one of the plebs that does not subscribe to Adobe's "Creative Cloud" (subscription) model. I purchased mine. An update (6.6) has recently been released but only CC subscribers get the 'full fat' version with new tools. This is Adobe, yet again, giving people like me who bought a boxed version, the finger. JD
  6. Jonathan D

    Affinity Photo FCPX PSD Bug

    Ben: Perhaps NEF files (Nikon raw) may be part of the problem. If I open a NEF file in AP and export as PSD, it comes across in FCPX as corrupt. However, convert the NEF to TIFF in Preview, open this TIFF in AP, export this as a PSD and FCPX is happy.
  7. Jonathan D

    Affinity Photo FCPX PSD Bug

    I've done a bit testing here with different PSD exports at 8 & 16 bit depths into FCPX and Motion 5. I would have though that if Motion handled the export/import correctly, then FCPX would also. No it doesn't. It appears that FCPX with only accept a single layer 8 bit PSD produced by AP. Changing the PSD export preset in AP does not appear to make any difference. To change bit depths goto Document > Colour Format > 8 or 16 bit (RGB) Attached is a small table showing compatibility. Hope this may shed some light on this issue. Jonathan
  8. Jonathan D

    Split the forums ?

    Thanks both - I didn't realise that the forums were originally split. I'm a (relative) newcomer. :)
  9. Jonathan D

    Split the forums ?

    Yes - one forum but 2 (to become 3) separate "branches". For example there would be separate road maps for Photo and Designer, separate bug reports for Photo and Designer etc. It would make searching and finding previously reported issues a lot quicker. I've found that I've been searching for an AP issue, thought I'd found it but it was an AD issue with similar problems. I only use AP but realise that many users have both. No forum cross-posts unless there was an issue that affected both (or ultimately all 3) products. Jonathan
  10. Would it be possible to split the forums into two: One for Designer and one for Photo?
  11. Ben: .NEF file attached as requested. Jonathan
  12. Not sure if this is helpful, but a 19.8Mb NEF file (Nikon RAW) converts to 47.9Mb Photoshop PSD and a 76.8Mb AP PSD. That's nearly 30Mb more. Both conversions were 8 bit Under 'Channels' AP lists 4 channels: R, G, B and an Alpha channel. I've not seen this Alpha channel on Photoshop's channel list (it may be hidden). Could AP be saving the Alpha channel and PS not? Would an extra channel bump up the file size so much? Hope this helps. Jonathan
  13. Quick(ish) work-around: Save each layer from AF separately as a .PNG. In Motion select these files and in one go, grab and move to workspace.
  14. Ben - I fully appreciate you can't test all apps for compatibility :) I've tested some 8 and 16 bit layered files from both Photoshop and AP with Motion 5: 8 bit PS = OK; 8 bit AP = Codec error; 16 bit PS = Flattened image only - no layers; 16 bit AP = Flattened image only - no layers. So Motion does accept 16 bit Photoshop files, but with no option to import separate layers. This is the same behaviour as 16 bit AP PSD files. Turning compatibility mode OFF in Photoshop seems to result in a blank image in Motion. Motion doesn't import adjustment layers etc. Here is an extract from the Motion 5 user guide: Layered Photoshop Files You can also import layered Photoshop files. Many motion graphics professionals create layouts in Photoshop, then import the resulting multilayered file into Motion, where the layers are animated and combined with other imported and Motion-generated objects. There are several ways to import layered Photoshop files: • With all Photoshop layers merged together as a single Motion layer • With each Photoshop layer preserved as a separate Motion layer, nested in a new group • By choosing a single Photoshop layer When you import all Photoshop layers as individual Motion layers, Motion places them in a new group in the Layers list and Timeline. Each layer retains the position, opacity, and blend mode of its corresponding original Photoshop layer. Although you can import Photoshop text layers, the text appears in Motion as noneditable bitmap graphics. Incompatible Effects The following Photoshop effects are not imported into Motion: • Layer effects • Layer masks • Adjustment layers • Paths • Shapes Note: Motion does not support Photoshop layer sets. I hope this helps Jonathan
  15. I'm having the same problem. I either get unsupported codec or when I drag to motions' layer list, I don't get the option to import as separate layers. File > Import in Motion should also give the option to open a layered Photoshop file. Exporting a PSD from AP - Motion can't open it or opens as a single layer Exporting a PSD from AP and then opening & re-saving in Photoshop - as above Motion only seems happy when the file purely originates from Photoshop.

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