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  1. Thanks for the tip! I did 'Layer/Convert to Curves" instead this time...
  2. Opened a PDF file (<</CreatorInfo<</Creator(Adobe Illustrator 26.1)/Subtype/Artwork>>>>) from a customer in Illustrator 26.1, there were a couple EPS files NOT embedded! Time to break out my "secret weapon", Affinity Designer (1.10.5). Opened the file and everything was there, no problems. Exported as a PDF to reopen in Illustrator and some of the text (Calibre Black) in the not embedded EPS was scrambled. Original read "150", file opened in Illustrator and Acrobat Pro DC and it reads "/3."??? Opened the saved PDF back into Designer and it still read as "/3.", so It wasn't Illustrator mis-reading it. The switch was in the exported from Designer file. Naturally, no one noticed until AFTER a large print run... ;-( Original Customer File "SEclipse 2024-glasses-PROOF3.pdf" Designer output PDF "SEclipse 2024-glasses-PROOF3-TEST.pdf" The error is in the logo on the far right of the glasses... Thanks, SEclipse 2024-glasses-PROOF3.pdf SEclipse 2024-glasses-PROOF3-TEST.pdf
  3. Mersee bookoo Tried these with a B&W transparent PNG file... ;-( Got Inkscape, need to put in some learning time ;-( I have access to Illustrator from work, but like to have alternate, non-subscription tools that work. Affinity products are good, even great in some areas and I'll keep using them. Still have PagePlusX9 can't beat it for opening/editing PDFs, finds and uses all the fonts (mostly) better than their latest. Better than even Adobe products. Must be some Adobe font "threat" or something? They should port over that code to Publisher.
  4. It's been a few tears... Any updates? I'm working for a company doing "die cut" stickers. We get in random art from customers... PNG w/transparency, Illustrator, Photoshop files, JPGs. I open most in Photoshop, resize, remove backgrounds to transparent and create a solid black mask to generate the die line from. Auto trace in Illustrator, then offset path to give a little extra sticker around the art. Also use Mimaki Fine Cut plug-in to generate the offset line too, after tracing in Illustrator. Then I "simplify" the dieline and adjust for the cutters that don't like pointy stuff, hangs up the blade. They print on a Mimaki UV Inkjet/cutter combo and have a separate cutting machine too. Just got a new PC and all the updated software and tried working in Affinity, the autotrace was the dead end... ;-( Tried some of the alternative tracers mentioned here, not so hot.
  5. Where are they downloaded to? I can't find them!? Downloaded all the freebies for v1.9 and can't find them anywhere Mac AND PC versions... I found a folder "AffinityExtras" on the Mac, but nothing new there, some previous downloads, but no "Rainbow Overlays by Paper Farms", none of the other v1.9 freebies either? Tried searching for "rainbow" nothing... Well???
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