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  1. The subject here is webp , are you concerned by web dev ? if not please go play somewhere else ... and we are using svg actually as web vector format
  2. no and if you have no idea what web dev is, why answer ?
  3. when it is currently used by web developers it is relevant
  4. all browser but safari (testing it since 2016) are ok with webp https://caniuse.com/#feat=webp using <picture><source> with a mix of jpg and webp is the actual way to code for internet
  5. Thanks I have installed xnconvert on my mac but I get many 0x0x0 error : file impossible to open when trying to convert jpg into webp Adobe CS6 is supposed to convert it too but I get a black image
  6. last version ... and no possibility to export webp ? why ?
  7. erickb

    Increase canvas size

    yes i understand but a feature with a colored canvas would be welcome
  8. I tried it , it is not even able to open the photos to choose some , one have to pick them one by one
  9. erickb

    Increase canvas size

    Why is it impossible to choose the color of the resized canevas
  10. an Affinity version of Lightroom or CaptureOne pro for iPadOs and OSX would be really welcome, I hope that it is on the way :-)

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