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  1. batch , macro, export persona ... Thanks to all I give up be back in 5 years
  2. Everybody who makes pictures for websites needs several dimensions, it's a very basic task. If Affinity Photo can't do it with a macro in a simple way, it means Affinity is not a Professional tool. I paid for nothing.
  3. Thanks carl I find this very complicated for a basic task but ill give it a try
  4. thank you but can you save and run later the batch for all the photos in a folder, I do that job very often and I want to run this automaticly and I dont find the way to generate 3 files from the original one and export them in 3 different folders , or rename them differently : file-1x.jpg, file-2x.jpg, file-3x.jpg,
  5. Hi I am doing all my macros easily with photoshop but could not achieve the same with affinity for web responsive design I want to : - resize to w :4000px / h : auto -> save in folder 4000px - resize to w :2500px / h : auto -> save in folder 2500px - resize to w :1250px / h : auto -> save in folder 1250px - close and not save modifications for the orignal photo I even cannot try it because the button save as is not active thanks for helping
  6. Thanks but If jpg and RAW are mixed on the card it is difficult to know which one is a jpg which one a raw
  7. Hi ! What app do you use on iPad Pro (ipados 13) to transfer all RAW from SD card into Files ( but not into Photos of course) ? thank you
  8. even with the very last update yesterday it does not work thanks to the team
  9. I can open Files from external drive with Procreate, Darkroom, and many other apps but not with Affinity Photo or Designer
  10. Apple has not removed this option , it is possible with Procreate to import from an external drive
  11. I call them all Finder (as it should be), but the thread here is for iPad
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