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  1. as I said I am in the very first users , and bought always at once their new products for osx and ipad for sure i was already registered but I cannot remember
  2. I am maybe already registered as Ive got the very first version of affinity , it was the first beta I think, but impossible to remember with which email new registration done thanks
  3. ok thanks then Ill wait for the official 1.9 version on apple store , i dont want to make things more complicated with 2 licences for the same product
  4. I bought all from Apple Store, Id like to find my licence , i have already one (5 : 3 for mac and 2 for ipad) isnt it the same ? a licence is a license
  5. I have already a registered product Affinity photo , designer and publisher when I install photo 1.9 beta I am ask to register my account , where do i find it if Ive got Affinity on the apple store ?
  6. batch , macro, export persona ... Thanks to all I give up be back in 5 years
  7. Everybody who makes pictures for websites needs several dimensions, it's a very basic task. If Affinity Photo can't do it with a macro in a simple way, it means Affinity is not a Professional tool. I paid for nothing.
  8. Thanks carl I find this very complicated for a basic task but ill give it a try
  9. thank you but can you save and run later the batch for all the photos in a folder, I do that job very often and I want to run this automaticly and I dont find the way to generate 3 files from the original one and export them in 3 different folders , or rename them differently : file-1x.jpg, file-2x.jpg, file-3x.jpg,
  10. Hi I am doing all my macros easily with photoshop but could not achieve the same with affinity for web responsive design I want to : - resize to w :4000px / h : auto -> save in folder 4000px - resize to w :2500px / h : auto -> save in folder 2500px - resize to w :1250px / h : auto -> save in folder 1250px - close and not save modifications for the orignal photo I even cannot try it because the button save as is not active thanks for helping
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