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  1. Thanks Anon2, that makes sense actually, clearing the alpha channel is what is needed in this case.
  2. There's a selection on that screenshot, but I'm actually enlarging the layer (not a selection). I've just tried again with no active selection, and it still does it. I've attached a sample file showing the issue. Simply select the layer, then resize it horizontally and you'll see the blurry edge. SampleResize.afphoto
  3. If I have a layer like so: And if I try to transform it, it will get blurry edges like so: I'm wondering if there's a way to prevent this from happening? So far I've found on the forum a "solution", which is to change the view quality. It works in the editor, but as soon as the image is exported the blurry edges are back. Another solution I've found is to stack 5 times the same layer so that the transparency goes away. It works but that's a bit ridiculous and it's particularly tedious when you need to resize multiple layers. So is there any actual solution to this?
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