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  1. Sorry I didn't go into very much detail there, did I Yes I've tried disabling HA, which didn't do too much on my PC. The lag was still there, even worse with textured brushes than before. I suspected, that maybe the second screen or the fact, that I had Youtube running while painting may be the source for this issue. But I've unplugged the HDMI cable and tried running AD without any distractions, but still: Brush lag. However, I tried one other thing. I opened a new file with the same settings and copied my layers over there. Now it works just fine. But since I ran into this problem
  2. Hi @Subclavius, thanks for your quick response. I've tried both your suggestions. Unfortunatelly both without effect. Do you have any idea what I can do about the aliasing when I flip the canvas?
  3. Hi there good folks in the Affinity forums, first of all, I want to say, that I do like the software very much and I really try to find a solution for my problem here. I've seen variations of this issue in other threads before, but but it seemed, that there is no solution to this. Here are my problems: In Affinity Photo and Designer (Pixel and Designer Persona) I experience serious brush lag and all in all performance issues. This happens with brushes in all sizes and complexities, even with the standard default pixel brush. When I rotate my canvas, raster based areas are
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