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  1. Hello folks, I want to write in order to express some feedback. We are a small company and we are looking for alternative to the Adobe suite, since those subscriptions are too expensive, it is abusive in fact. So I downloaded Designer and Photo for our designer in order to test it in the iMac 2015 of the company. Unfortunately, she found many lacking tools that are basic for the work in this company. We already searched solutions in these forums and FAQs, but it is clear this features are still not present in Affinity. This is her feedback: - When opening the files that were created in Adobe suit, Designer and Photo reinterpret them and they don't keep long texts, incrusted effects nor groups (the images and the text appear as separated elements, vectors and letters). - There are no distortion effect tools, which are required for texts and images on rounded objects (like cups, ballons and bottles). - It is hard to save the files into common formats (.ai) which are necessary to share the files with suppliers, manufacturers and clients. I am very hopeful that Affinity will be the champion that will vanish Adobe abusive business model, but there is still some way to go. Wishing you all the best.
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