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  1. Hi Folks! I've been having trouble getting the pixel tool's opacity/accumulation in Affinity Photo to respond correctly to pen pressure. It's related to this forum post I made earlier this year: It appears that opacity/accumulation is not working correctly with pen pressure in the pixel tool. It seems like approximately 0-50% pen pressure produces no mark, and 51-100% pressure produces full opacity/accumulation. (See attached image, where the same stroke is applied with the Paint Brush Tool and Pixel Tool, respectively.) Also attached is an image of the brush's settings, where it appears the preview produces the desired effect. It could also be that I've got the wrong settings for this! Let me know if that's the case.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Callum! I just tried those settings, and unfortunately, that didn't seem to work. Note that the "Paint Brush Tool" actually works fine with these settings, it's just the "Pixel Tool" that seems to have this trouble. I.e. the same settings behave differently between the brush vs. pixel tools. If there are any other suggestions, I'm all ears! Best, Dan
  3. Hello, Recent convert from Photoshop here, and I'm pretty happy with Affinity's products so far! Transition has been fairly easy, and lots of features to like. One problem I'm having, however, involves the Pixel Tool. I did a lot of my pixel work in Photoshop using their Pencil tool, with pen pressure controlling opacity. However, when I attempt the same thing with AP's Pixel Tool, pen pressure seems to be binary? Like 0-50% pressure = no mark made, 51-100% pressure = 100% opacity. Am I missing a setting somewhere? The brush tool seems to behave correctly to pen pressure, but I want the rough/aliased edges of the pixel tool, not smooth/antialiased edges that Paint Brush Tool produces. Also, bizarrely, the pixel tool's size seems to work fine with pen pressure. Just accumulation is on/off like this. Any suggestions? I've attached a screenshot of both the brush and pixel tools attempting the same stroke with a pressure pen (Huion Inspiroy H950P). Best, Dan
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