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  1. Hi, yes it works, no faded parts anymore. Some texts are supposed to be grey, if that´s what you mean by except for the text colour. Several of the pages are in a very low resolution, but I suppose it´s those, that weren´t linked properly. Where is the problem? Thanks again! A
  2. OK, I didn´t get it was affinity feature. I just tried to zip it. 🤦‍♀️ Sorry, I´m not so strong in these things. Hope this time it works. Some of the links won´t work, as I am currently working from home and don´t have acces to all of the inserted files. But you shloudn´t need the missing files, because they work in the exported PDF. Otherwise I can ask a colleague at work to submit complete package tomorrow. Lysolaje.zip
  3. Is it OK like this? Thank you very much for your help. Prague is really beautiful. Hope one good thing will come out of the pandemic and the tourism here will change a bit. It was already too heavy on the city. Lysolaje.zip
  4. I am uploading the .afpub file and two of the PDFs, I tried to insert. I´ll appriciate if someone will be so kind and have a look at it. DESTYL_AS_Lysolaje.afpub Lysolaje_pohled V.pdf Lysolaje_pohled J.pdf
  5. Since I´ve downloaded the new upgrade (v, I have problems while exporting to press quality PDF. Some parts of exported pdf are much lighter colour then the original. On some pages it´s a whole inserted pdf, on some just several texts or few other things like coloured area. I can´t find system in it. It´s not always the same layer nor the same type of thing. All the inserted PDFs are made in the same way and some work, some don´t. The only way I have found to export PDF correctly, is to do PDF for export or PDF digital-high quality. PDF for print or PDF press ready don´t work. My col
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