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    And then that happened!

    5 years. Congratulations, Affinity. Identifiable. Ambitious, progressive and innovative. Highly professional. The familiar but unique vision of what creatives want and need. Quality, elegant, powerful and simple to use software with common and revolutionary underpinnings with a new paradigm in inter-software interaction. Value for money too. No subs! Not just an alternative, but rather, the new standard. Creatives are no longer prisoners of clunky, hostages to fortune, rent ware. 'I'll be watching your progress with great interest.' Azrael.
  2. Aye, I got caught out on that one. I guess they're only human. I've got their Photo and Design software (superb.) I missed out on the Beta tester offer on Affinity Publisher. By a day due to the software appearing on their website on Rupees. Which made me wary of buying. The price is now showing in UK pounds which is more re-assuring. I don't need the Publisher software right now. I'll wait a little longer for it to be on sale. It will be a worthy addition. Maybe a black friday or Christmas Offer might tempt me..? Azrael.
  3. Dear Affinity Acolytes, I've got an idea for a tutorial on setting up and publishing a comic page. Here is Ka-Blam's 'Template' for doing artwork with bleed and trim guidelines. They are digital printers who specialise in comic books. It would be good idea if your professional Design and Photo tutorial team (they do the best tutorials I've ever watched!) could do a tutorial based on setting up this comic page print guide for Affinity Publisher. It would be a great road test for Affinity Publisher in Beta...as it would show Publisher's capabilities on an actual 'print' job set up. Once the page is set up with guide lines...all that would remain would be to drop in the page of comic art at the size noted in the 'live', 'trim' and 'document' sizes.) This would be a good way to get many independent creators on board with your pending release through the powerful & accessible medium of comics. 'Power & Accessibility' are two words I'd use to describe Affinity Software. ('With great power...comes great accessibility...' Now there's a marketing line for you... ) The original file/template is on their website. There are a lot of comics companies and comic artists who probably use Affinity Design, Photo (I do...) and now, Publisher. Having a 'press-press' tutorial for this template would be great. From my own perspective, would really help me learn Publisher in Beta in a context of how I would actually use it. Regards, Azrael. Ps. Here's the link to the template. http://ka-blam.com/main/standard-sized-page-template/ Link to their site... http://ka-blam.com/main/
  4. Guyon, Included a link to the website, comic page template and uploaded (correctly this time I hope?) the template. Regards, Azrael.
  5. Hello Patrick, Downloaded 1.7.0, 145. Update was quick and painless. (They all have so far...) I've checked the manual update and it tells me I'm running the current version. (It let me know before...that there was a new version and I used the updater without a hitch.) Done that a couple of times with the full downloads when the beta expired...but this was the first time it was just a little file update to test, presumably, the updater. Again. Fine. No issues. Good job on that. What I like about Affinity programs. The sheer level of professional polish. Really taking the game to the competition in the Design, Photo and Publisher spaces. No subscriptions. No rental annoyance or hostage to fortune. Just an honest price for top draw creative/professional apps. From me? Amen. Running a 2014 iMac, 8 gigs of ram with Nvidia 680MX...27 inch screen. (Affinity apps look great on a big screen...) Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6. Trucking through the some of the initial Publisher tutorials. Simple. Elegant. Powerful. A joy to use. Keep up the blistering pace of innovation in Publisher! Azrael.
  6. Congratulations to Affinity on releasing the Beta to Affinity Publisher. I'm seriously addicted to learning Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Two powerful yet elegant programs. Delighted to join the Beta for Affinity Publisher. I've already done two of the 'getting started quick intro' videos for Publisher (and I'm ploughing my way through the Designer and Photo vimeo tutorials list.) So far, the Beta follows in the strong keystone tradition of Designer and Photo. Slick and powerful. Simple and useable. If you know how to use Designer and Photo you'll basically know how to approach Beta. Enjoying getting started. I'll give more feedback as I get into 'it' with the Beta. You now have the Holy Trinity of Design, Photo and Publishing apps. I'm Adobe and RENT FREE. Anybody who isn't using Affinity's apps, don't know what they're missing. Gold. Azrael.
  7. Well done on a true Photoshop contender. (I've owned PS 4 and PS 7...) Blisteringly fast. Svelte in use. Fully featured. Taking advantages of all the Mac's features, software and hardware. This is what a 1st rate focused developer Mac app should be... No 2nd class citizenry here! I couldn't resist buying Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer with their current promotion pricing. Absolute steal deals. Congratulations on Affinity Designer getting an Apple Award for Design excellence. Having took both apps for a quick test drive...they are brimming with potency. They bring a cutting edge competitive quality to the Mac design space and app community. The Digital art Mac legacy, with Affinity, is in safe hands. By the way, 2 years worth of free updates? Awesome job. This is how you treat customers. Amen. Azrael.

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