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  1. I designed a logo in Designer. It's a geometric sign, it's colour is only blue. I choose colour values for Spot color (Pantone), RGB and CMYK. (And all of them also marked as Spot / decor colours!) Now I need to export this logo as a file, that every graphic designer (with his/her Adobe Software) can work with. I thought, that .eps might be a good option. But obviously these colour values are not included in my eps-file: Pantone get's lost completely and both CMYK an RGB aren't the same after importing the EPS into InDesign. I can switch off colour management in Adobe – but not
  2. I have the same problem. Even making a double definition - by choosing a Pantone Colour from the color pattern + clicking on "Schmuckfarbe" (spot color)– in the end the eps has never heart about a spot colour. The same procedure with CMYK (defined as a spot colour) results in a PDF that is correct, but not in a EPS.
  3. Hi there, How can I switch off the color profile in Affinity Designer and Publisher? I need a "pure" PDF-X4 exported for my print house without any profiles embedded. (Enclosure of profiles is obligatory for every PDF standard over 1.8 in Publisher, you can't disable the embedding) Any idea how to get rid of these profiles? Thanks so much, Vincent
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