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  1. I lost my free trial product key and cannot locate it in my account information. I would like to purchase and need the product key
  2. Only one would download. Did not know about import into Affinity. Thank you. My download remains gray from Affinity and Affinity is gray it my "open in" options. Still I have excellent instructions to record my own now.
  3. I found them all to be instructions to create my own macro...and glad to have that. They will be easy to follow. The links in your reply would not work for me... Mac OS Big Sur Version 11.2. Thank you. sur
  4. I suppose I was hoping for a ready-made macro that I could download and it would perform all the steps and then I could adjust it. All of these are steps to create my own macro which will be very helpful. Thank you all for the input.
  5. I am still in the trial for Affinity Photo. One of the main things I want to do is to change photos to pencil or colored pencil sketches. There are numerous steps that I will eventually learn. However, there seem to be many macros available that will make the process quicker. (I assume I will be able further adjust the photo after using the macro.) How do I know which macros are legit? Is it trial and error? Does affinity have its own macros? I think I see them advertised but cannot locate them. The ads may be referring to the macros I would record myself. If I have to create my
  6. I just started the Affinity Publisher trial. I have used Microsoft Publisher for 20+ years on a PC and was hoping to replace it with Affinity Publisher on my iMac. I want to do a top fold 5.5 x 8.5 note card as I am able to do with MP. I cannot find a size for this standard note card in Affinity Publisher. Is this feature lacking in Affinity Publisher? I also form text around the shape of an image. Will this feature be available? Thank you.
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