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  1. Yeah, this solved my issue :-), 8px looks very good! Great, thank you so much! I also learned a lot about svg-export in Affinity Designer - this should help also for the future! And I am calmed that the resizing of a group will get fixed and is not a mistake in my file! Once again THANK YOU, you helped me really a lot!!!
  2. Hey, great, thank you so much for taking time to support me! 🙂 I tried both of your suggested solutions. The resizing of the complete document worked in the intended way, the svg-file has the needed size of 115x115px. The second way to create the 115x115 px svg-file did not work somehow. When I scale down the group the logo get destroyed (screenshot attached). But the first way worked (svg attached :-)). Unfortunately also the exactly sized svg-file gets displayed blurred when I use it in the web. Maybe the circle-lines are too thin so that the Browser can not render it? It is strange somehow... Logo_Stempel_web_115px.svg
  3. Hi, Thank you very much for your kind check! 🙂 Probably you found the problem, because the Elementor support also supposed that the set size of the svg file might be the problem. Yes, I know the size, it is 115x115 px on my website - but how can I export a svg-file in a special size? I have not found this setting in the Affinity Export menue? Also googled for this but not found. I thought vector can be scaled in any direction (encreasing and decreasing)? I used 300 dpi in my last export (a trial to sharpen the export). If you could leave me a hint how to export a special size for the svg file you would help me very much :-), thank you :-)!
  4. Yes, you are welcome, thank you very much :-)! Logo_Stempel_web.svg Logo_Stempel_web.afdesign
  5. Hello dutchshader, Thank you so much for your very quick response and suggestions! I tried the modified export of the svg-file but unfortunately no change. And I also checked if there are any layer effects - but I have not used them and the layers are also not marked with the "fx"-sign. But it looks that the circle-lines are rasterized somehow, but I do not know why... If you have any other idea, you are very welcome.
  6. Hi, I created a logo in Affinity Designer and exported it as svg-file (SVG (digital - high quality) - 300 dpi). But when I insert it into my WordPress-Website (via Image Widget from Elementor) it gets displayed blurred (at least at the circle-lines on the left and right side). I asked the Elementor support and they answered that it seems the svg image has a set width height in it which might be causing the issue. But how can I export the svg-file without these set width and height? I am attaching a screenshot of the blurred logo and also a screenshot from my inspection with Chrome Dev. Tools (some parts are deleted from the code because the site is not online so far) Has anybody an idea what could solve my issue? Thanks very much in advance :-)
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