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  1. Thanks for the added comments, I'm learning a lot about this subject Sounds like there is nothing wrong with my setup, just that the HDR process is almost solely dependent on the CPU, and adding an eGPU would not increase the performance of this task.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I did a couple of tests using the Live Motion Blur, and indeed, the GPU is activated up to 50% when rotating the blur. So the system is recognizing the GPU at least. It looks like you are correct that the number of functions used by the GPU is small, and therefore makes no difference when doing an HDR merge, for instance. It would be awesome if Affinity could chime in if this is a possible improvement for the future and what kind of functions are actually taking advantage of the GPU today. I was thinking about getting an eGPU to speed up the HDR merge proc
  3. Thanks, but the hardware acceleration was already enabled. I tried to disable and enable again, with no change. I tried to time an HDR merge of five RAW files now. The duration is exactly the same with and without the hardware acceleration turned on. It actually takes 1 min 5 sek. Anything to help fix this issue?
  4. Hi, I've read that Affinity Photo has support for GPU acceleration since a couple of years ago. However, on my MacBook Pro 2018 with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655, the GPU is not being activated at all (watching Activity Monitor side-by-side with AP), it is idle on 0%. The CPU is going through the roof, with AP using several hundred % at most. I have tried to tinker with the performance settings but the GPU is never activated. I have tried several tools, for instance brushing and more intensive tasks like HDR merge of large RAW files. The latter is taking about 20-30 seconds to complete an
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