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  1. Bingo! Thank you Carl123! I'm not sure how that got in there but it's gone now. Much appreciated!
  2. I am using English (United States). I'm assuming you meant maybe "C." (not ".C") is inside the Auto-Correct dictionary, and no it is not.
  3. This is a minor bug that has bothered me since first using Publisher a year ago. I was hoping the newest version would correct it but it did not. When using the text tool to type in an uppercase C, as soon as I add a period after it it changes to lowercase. This does not happen if at the beginning of a new sentence but it does in all other cases, such as an initial for a last name (such as Mark C.). Even odder is that this appears to be the only letter that this strange occurrence happens. I am using Windows 10 Home and Publisher version Thank you, Mark C.
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