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  1. as there unfortunately is no import/export of colour palettes in AD ipad is there any workaround to get my zillions of colour palettes to my AD desktop version (and vice versa) thanks! ps: this would be a very crucial function in AD ipad...even Procreate can easily import/export colour swatches
  2. hi Alfred, thank you for your quick reply, AP download worked fine, but AF doesnt...and I too was suprised that my itunes password was required for both...If nobody else in this forum experiences any problems downloading the updates, it might be another problem...maybe an account issue, I will contact Apple... edit: I meant AD (not AF, must have thought of AFfinity:-)
  3. I have problems downloading the newest update of AF for Ipad, AP Download worked fine, but AF wont work:-( I can see that there is an update available in the app store but it wont download....ipad tells me my password for itunes doesnt work...which is funny as I used it a few minutes before when I downloaded AP....does anybody else have this problem? ipad pro, ios13.7..thanks!
  4. I experienced the same problem...suprisingly it was solved when I turned off stand by after 2 minutes inactivity (display settings) to never stand by...as English is not my native language I hope you know what I mean...
  5. yes, its interesting....three sides, three opinions...but no solution so far...I chose Affinity over Adobe thats why I could easily remove all adobe apps...but for other users this must be very annoying...
  6. I had long email conversations with both apple and affinity about a similar issue which only appears when I have any adobe app installed...without an installed adobe app there is no problem with importing psd files in affinity...problem is still not solved, so I gave up and deleted all adobe apps...
  7. I have searched the forum for this question, but have not been able to figure out from the answers. I want to prepare an existing photo with 300dpi for printing and reduce it to 20x15 cm (not in pixels but in cm) for example...how do I do that in Affinity Photo? I work mainly in Affinity Designer for iPad and don't know AP so well...thanks! I attach a photo from Gimp that shows what I mean...the resolution is adjustable after the "resize print" step Edit: I forgot to say, I only want to resize a copy for print, the original photo should not be resized...in Gimp this is possible
  8. a bit off topic: but how would I clear history? would very much like to do that since I'm working with Designer on an ipad pro for a year now....probably much history to clear 🙂 thanks! edit: solved
  9. Hello...Try choosing the form, placing it and then select the sides...Ive just done it, worked fine.
  10. Hi all, I am new to the forum but using Affinity for a year already, but couldn't find an answer to this question in the forum: Is content purchased via Affinity Store like Brushes/typos, etc. available in both Desktop and Ipad? many thanks in advance!
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