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  1. No issues here stitching them on my Mac.
  2. Sorry, I missed that. Are you running the latest version of MacOS (12.2.1)? I had issues with Photo prior to using 12.2.
  3. And you should upgrade Montery to the latest version (12.1). This update corrected the slow startups and general lag I was seeing with AP on my Intel Mac Mini.
  4. Make sure you are running the latest update to whichever version of macos you use. After upgrading from 12.0.1 to 12.1, AP loads quickly on my Intel Mac Mini (2018).
  5. Speaking of Monterey, the 12.1 update has dramatically improved the loading time for 1.10.4 and the beta of AP. I should mention, this is on a 2018 Intel Mac Mini.
  6. The beta version definitely fixes the document open slowness. And I think it has reduce the startup time slightly. It is still not pre-Monterey. - Jim
  7. You are not alone...my 2018 Mac Mini is showing similar issues. AP is taking significantly longer to start up. As a test, I started AP and once it was running, quit out of it and immediately restarted AP. What use to take 2-3 seconds now takes over 15 to complete. I see beachballs when trying to open existing documents--these are delays in viewing the file selector dialog box. - Jim
  8. The idea that VPN provides security for browsing is false--the only thing it does is to hide your IP address from your destination and provide an encrypted channel for sites that do not use HTTPS. That's it. In a work environment VPN allows access to an internal LAN. If the Affinity updates are failing when connected with VPN, it is something your VPN provider is doing to block the traffic. I would ask them.
  9. Hi Chris, I just tried this to capture a video for you and, of course, I failed to duplicate the problem. As I have encountered this issue before, I will be sure to grab a video the next time it happens. Btw, my system is a 2018 Mac Mini running Big Sur. It has an AMD Radeon RX 5700 GT eGPU.
  10. When stacking subs in Photo, I noticed that marking bad pixels is off to the left. I have to move one pixel to the right to tag the correct bad pixel. This issue exists in 1.9.3 and the beta.
  11. One other related, but different problem...I see that one cannot open FITS files (extension .fit or .fits) directly in Photo. The only workaround is to stack the single file and then make edits.
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