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  1. Thank you for your response and reaching out with help. I have worked around my issue by starting the project from scratch and therefore no longer need the file. I'm happy to help if the file could offer a hint to the cause of my issue and by such preventing it from occurring again. As for the additional information: I'm using Windows 10 20H2. The file was worked on and saved in Affinity Publisher 1.9.0 unfortunately I don't have a record of the remaining part of release number as an updated of the program has come out since. It was saved on local SSD, separate to the SSD which has
  2. Hi. I've been working on a project in Affinity Publisher and cannot retrieve made progress in it due to a file corruption error. When I open the document I receive the following message: "The document appears to be corrupted. The document must now be closed." I work on a windows 10 system. The matter is urgent to me as it is on a deadline. Is it possible to recover the corrupted file? I don't have an idea what could have caused the issue... the project is picture heavy. Regards, Simon the_file.afpub
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