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  1. danielclarkman

    Pen Tool Delay in Designer

    Add me to the list of people having Pen tool lag issues on my first gen iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Most notably, the act of just creating pen vector line segments by tapping on the screen and creating nodes is not smooth at all. I have to make a concerted dedicated PUSH on my pen to create a node. It should just be a gentle tap on the screen with the pencil. I switched over to Graphic to test out my pencil behavior and that app worked exactly in the correct manner that I expected. Tried again in Designer, but the pen tool is just too frustrating to use consistently and I have had to go back to using Graphic for this project
  2. danielclarkman

    Bitmap Mode

    You can also add my vote for including a bitmap mode; I work at a screen printing facility, and when we create color separations from vector art we occasionally use Photoshop to make selections from RGB images (PSD files exported out of Illustrator) to create new channels of separate bitmap information. The resulting file with it's separate channels is saved as a DCS 2.0 file. That file is then placed back into Illustrator and we can print out separated files, which is necessary for multi-colored screen printing. I would love to see us be able to use the Affinity products for this!