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  1. @Komatös: You are right - After installing publisher "Show examples" in the style panel is initially selected. With deactiviated examples it seems to work, now. I'll try for some days, and if the problem doesn't occure again, I'll mark this thread as solved. Seems, that this is really a bug - but most important is, that I are able to work now. Many, many thanks for the fast help @walt.farrell and @Komatös.
  2. Thanks Farrell for this hint, unfortunately the suggested solution regarding Windows-Scaling didn't solved my problem. Indeed, I used 200% as Scaling-Factor. But now, with resetting to 100% I still have the same Issue. Is there any other hint?
  3. Dear Affinity-Team, since five days I have a problem, that I can't work with most of my files. When I open some poster or brochure-document, I can't do anything. No element in Publisher is clickable (neither buttons nor frames). In TaskManager affinity constantly increases slowly the ram-usage. The only thing I can do is: waiting, if ram-usage goes to maximum and crashes, or I kill the process. When I create a new file, I can work a little bit with the file until it will frozen too. UPDATE: Now I think, I can define the problem more clearly: I get the freeze-
  4. Dear Affinity-Team, since today I have a problem to open some publisher-files. I have worked for many weeks on this files, and since today I'm not able to open some files. During loading the document, publisher is closing itself without any comment. I am using Windows 10 and have added the crash-dump- file. Looking forward to hear from you. Gerhard b7a90e39-cba4-4293-a197-bb7bbbf7f72f.dmp
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