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  1. if i select the option to rasterise nothing, in the export options what affect will this have on final quality? the images need to be blown up hugely for print.
  2. No matter what format i export the image as they are coming back as a non vectored image and very pixelated when blown up. What am in doing wrong ? sorry I'm a complete novice to all of this!
  3. Anyone know why when i import a brush type it says it has been imported successfully but they don't actually show up in the tool bar? Works fine with styles just not brush types.
  4. Ive been working on a shop from sign and have been asked by the printers to send them a PDF file as opposed to an .eps as there software won't recognise the file i exported. So the file is 3340x880mm in CYMK at 300dpi, but when i try to export from Affinity to a folder, the image it exports is only partially there The sub background is in full but the gradient cover and the text is broken up in to disjointed strips. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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