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  1. Thank you for honest answer. I cannot wait for some unofficial test results... If someone knows about some, please let me know. BTW, from the attached screenshots it looks, that memory bandwidth doesn't influence CPU performance. How is that possible? Is 200 MB/s so much, that higher bandwith is useless? (Just rhetorical questions.)
  2. Dear Affinity authors and fans, one of the M1 Pro and M1 Max differences is in memory bandwidth. Dou you think that twice memory bandwith is worth it? Did someone tested it already on pre-production machines? I use Publisher and Designer most of the time and Photo occasionaly. Does it make sense to buy M1 Max for me?
  3. It's strange. I can see them in Application folder normaly and dock shortcuts worked without need to delete them and create new ones.
  4. Thanks. Moving Photo and Designer to the trash helped. (And it was not necessary to delete them before installing 1.9.) BTW, the only reason I bought Designer and Photo through App Store was: it was not possible to buy them directly from AF when I bought them in 2015... The situation was differrent with Publisher, I bought it directly... Anyway. Moving apps from Aplications folder to the trash helped. It was no problem to download and reinstall them from App Store again. It is inconvenient, but it works. Thanks everyone, who helped and happy designing!
  5. Hi, I tried to update following the steps above, but I have the same problem "The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time. Please try again later" on El Capitan (10.11.6). I can see updates at App Store, but I cannot download them. Please help me! P. S. I bought both apps on 2015 and never had updating problem before. P. P. S. My Publisher is already updated, because I bought it directly from Affinity and not from App Store.
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