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  1. Hello, new drivers have been released by AMD, here is the benchmark with the latest drivers
  2. Ok no problem, while you look into the issues, is there anything i can do in the meantime to make life a little easier?
  3. Benchmark Pictures provided with hardware acceleration on and off Specs: i9 9900k OC 32GB Ram 3000mhz AMD 6900 XT - Powercolor Red Devil 500GB Samsung SSD SATA ON OFF
  4. When I get home from work, I will follow the steps provided in the post, than you
  5. Hello, first time poster on here, i have been using affinity photo for about a year or so, i recently downloaded the latest update and since then the performance of the photo editor has drastically reduced, its really slow at performing basic operations, still usable buts it very noticeable and annoying at times, there is not really anything else to add really as i cant provide pictures as its from start to finish, i am using windows 10 pro. If you do need anything else please let me know, thank you
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