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  1. Dear garrettm30, great thanks for your feedback. That helps, I already modified these two (for me) most important ones. Didn't change all to Apple defaults, first want to try out which have been predefined by Publisher. I am sure there are many useful ones among them. Will these personalized keyboard settings remain intact after the next Publisher update? Or will they reset to the Publisher defaults by then? Thank you.
  2. Dear Affinity team, I ran into an inconsistency when navigating text with cursor keys. Reproduce * Place cursor inside any text * Press OPTION + CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT * Native MacOS: jumps word by word left/right * Publisher: narrows down word/character space * Expectation would be to make use of muscle memory from MacOS and use the same keyboard shortcut within Publisher, eg use SHIFT + OPTION + CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT (or any other) * Same for CMD + CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT which under MacOS is used for line wise jump, in Publisher used for word wise jump. System * MacOS 10.14.6
  3. Dear Affinity team, I ran into a reproducible crash wen using the new hyperlink/anchor function in AP 1.9. Reproduce Add an anchor to any existing or new object on any page (eg. image, text, frame, ...) Add a hyperlink to any other existing or new object on any page Remove anchor From object with hyperlink, select "Interactive" > "Go to hyperlink target" Publisher crashes immediately Reproducible with existing documents created with pre 1.9 and new documents created with 1.9 Expectation: a dialog box to select other anchor or tell no anchor d
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